Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Give them a voice, Give them your hands!

Prior to this time people with intellectual disabilities were looked down upon, perceived to be less than ‘regular’ people, but today they have a voice!

They have a voice because someone believed in them, they have a voice because someone lent them theirs, they have a voice because someone said to them “you’re regular, you are normal and you are my brother”.  That’s what this year’s National Games is about, oneness and team spirit, breaking limitations, seeing beyond barriers and seeing each other as one.

The intellectually challenged are just like everyone out there, yes they may have a challenge but their life is not challenged, they deserve every good thing life has to offer and Special Olympics stands right beside them to encourage  and cheer them on to go ahead and grab it all.

For more info on how to volunteer at Special Olympics please visit:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dropping by

Halllllllossss people!  I'm actually typing this not knowing what exactly I want to say but I must sha say something.

Been a very pleasant month, started a new job, been having a good time getting to know people at work. Fun people and lively environ, looks like I'll have a good time here.
Ok so I wanted to start a regular OOTD stuff but I don't have a phone that takes good pictures and my camera wey for try don lost. Thats just one part of it sef, not familiar with anyone enough to say come and snap me pishure :-)  But I should be able to do this sometime soonest.

On the home front, my chairmen are growing!!!! It is really true what they say that if you get it right with your first child, the rest are good. My second son wants to walk before he's one! once he sees his brother on the move he starts jumping and wants to join him, gives me a lot of awwwwws, reminds me of growing up. I can already tell that these two will be a team and I just pray to God to help me get it right.

Like I said, I really don't have so much to talk about today but let me quickly remind someone that greatest thing you have is your dream, you lose it, you lose everything. No one came here empty handed, use what God has given you and exceed your own expectations!

Stay safe.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Telephone Boyfriend Pt.2

Apologies for posting this later than I promised. And pls ignore all errors, na phone I take dey type...

I sat down confused the rest of the training. I called my friend/colleague and she too didnt know what to make out of the whole thing. I didnt even know which one was vexing me more, the nylon or the green tea. So where were the rest of the things? My sunglasses, and the 'shopping things'?? He didnt even explain anything at all. Ok na end of training, Nonye go home, mba! I was just stalling cos I knew what was waiting for me at home, my sisters had called like how many times to know how far, and I was just posting them.
I finally get home and my dad who visited the day before looked away from the book he was reading and thoroughly searched me with one look, I didnt know when I just started laughing. He went how far? Uzo agaghi? (no road?) I was about answering him when my sisters came home and one quickly grabbed my bag, brought out the nylon and went "its a lie", Nonye! She ran to the room to see if there was another bag there, nothing! As in they laugh craze enter my body. Later at night the bobo called and was sounding so annoyingly excited, going on about how it was nice to finally meet his love blah blah blah. To cut a long story short we met up at my office that weekend and drama continued. He kept trying to kiss me and fall on my body, and my annoyance turned to confusion, as in I started wondering if he was stable. My colleague who hooked us up asked him what he got for her, he was blabbing, at that point I asked him where my sunglasses were and he said we'll get it from Yaba!! I looked at this guy and couldnt wrap my head around it, I just sat there staring at him and then he'll go like "chei, my baby is admiring me", good God! My colleague the arranger was so embarrassed to say the least. Time to go, she said she wanted Chinese take out, we got there and she asked the guy to pay, ofcourse he didnt order any for himself. After ordering our food we stood there for another 10mins or more waiting for them to give the guy change, how much kwanu? N40!

We saw my colleague off to her house nearby and took a cab together. Half way this guy asked me where I was dropping, I told him I was going home straight, he said he knew but he wanted to know where exactly would be okay for me to get down. While he was still talking I told the cab man to stop, as I was trying to get down he came over and tried to kiss me again, I just jumped down and he waved at me while smiling sheepishly. I stood there and watched the cab drive away. I say I confuse.

The following Monday while at work he sent me a text to say he bought things for me but his sister took them, he also got my sunglasses and had it with him but just wanted to test me. I didnt bother with a reply sef, this one na real kolo, no need. Thinking it was over o, I'll wake up in the morning and see missed calls eh! Next thing he sent me a message on facebook calling me a 'cheap materialistic slut', I replied with 'loooool' and it was as if they poured fuel inside fire. He would call my colleague endlessly insulting me and next minute he'll say he misses me, my colleague eventually stopped taking his calls and kept apologizing. I didnt think it was her fault, she meant good but it just turned out the other way.

In conclusion, I do believe in arranged relationships but for me I'd much rather meet a person and get into them on my own. Secondly, my husband always says that one minute of holding hands without saying a word is waaaay deeper than 24hours on the phone. Pls before you fall in love with that bobo sugar wrapping you on the phone, remember Nonye's Patosky.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Telephone Boyfriend

Finally I do a post this year, Jah Jehovah!

Ok so its been said that a woman's ears are the windows to her heart while for the man its his eyes. Well I dont know how true but this may explain why a woman will easily fall in love with an nchi`as long as he's saying the right things to her. Now this post is supposed to be about telephone love but I'll merge it with 'arrangee marriage' cos in my case I experienced a two-in-one dose.
Last week on twitter the issue of Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage was up and as is with most topics raised there I just read up, laughed and shared with my husband without really making any contribution. I read a lot of interesting views from some of my fave ladies there : @Gbemisoke, @anafricandiva, @zinniep, @naijawife etc one of the things that caught my attention was an opinion that arranged marriages work because the 'arranger' knows the 'arrangees' well... To which I said hmmmmmmm...

February 2008:

My dear friend and colleague comes to my desk one afternoon and says there's this guy she knows who wants a babe. He's nice, Igbo and lives in the UK, "make I give am your number? I already told him about you". Well whats a sister to lose? I told her to go ahead. Same night Patosky bobo called and it started. We'll talk for hours, joke and laugh, he was my soul mate! Lol. When he sent his first photo,love dropped. I requested for full length photo he sent, I asked for head shot, mug shot, side view, back view, bobo sent! Well beauty is in the eyes of the beholder abi? I made him my Boris Kodjoe, and we sailed on. One day I got a call from front desk that someone was at the reception to see me, when I got there dude handed me a small package from "your boyfriend" he said. In it were two wallets and a small frame with some nice write up, woooow! He's romantic too! Ebelebe nnoo. Few months later, Patosky announces he'll be visiting, he asked what I wanted and I said packs of Green Tea. "Green Tea? Only Green Tea?" he queried. Oya bobo add sunglasses na, brown plastic frame, he said ok. A week to his return he called me to get the exact type of sunglasses I wanted, I explained again and he said "ok no wahala I'm doing your shopping this morning". On the D-day, we were having a training in Ikeja and I asked him to meet me there. When he called to say he was on the street I ran outside and looked into all the cars parked there and not even one car had a driver waiting for oga in it. Where the heck is he na? My phone rang and first thing I heard is " I think I can see you", I turned around and saw him bouncing up the street holding this grey nylon GTB uses to give cash. To cut a long story short, I instantly took back the statement I made earlier that he was my last bus stop, dude was acting so lousy and I was appalled to say the least. Oya gift time! He hands me the grey nylon and I didnt bother opening it until he left, I walked him to the road and he took a bike! Bike! Onye choro ilu m?! Haa! Now pls don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong him not having a car but what about packaging small? I mean you came from jand! And u've bragged no be small.
Before you judge me,let me quickly chip in that when I met my hubs he wasnt driving anything correct, but he was and still is a gentleman! With his average salary he'll treat me to the finest buka foods. He took me through his goals and visions and I keyed in. We've been married for 4yrs and with every new achievement I'm glad I believed in him. Over those buka take outs we talked about our dreams, future, our kids, where we wanted to have them etc and he has worked hard to make them happen. So I do believe in the days of humble beginings but this Pato brother didnt come humble at all!

Anyways, after seeing him off I finally opened the nylon, brethren what do I see? 2 packs of Twinings Green Tea pere!  
Abeg let me continue this post on Wednesday. As my son's nanny will say "baby is wake".

*ps ignore my writing, punctuations and co. Thank you*

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm back!

Hey lovelies!!!! hiatus hiatus hiatus! forgive me! I'm back and ready to rumble hehehehe. So I took a break to have my second baby and I;m really glad to be back. Not sure I'll be doing any post on the experience so I'll just sum it up here. Contraction started 4:30am and by 8:49am baby was born, all natural! No pain meds, no epidural, no episiotomy, no tear (just slight bruises) etc...I will not talk about the pains, no I will not! I refuse to. Anywhooos, here are pictures of me during and after pregnancy...I hope to hit the gym as soon my midwife gives me clearance.What have you all been up to??

My beautiful son...
2weeks after....

A week + 4days after....


Have an awesome weekend!

Friday, August 2, 2013

So why isnt he proposing na?!

Let me start this post by saying that I hate to feel or sound like I know it all when it comes to men and marriage cos I don’t know jack!  I’m still wearing a major L sign on my neck. However some things are plain for all to see, whether single or married. So please I am not doing this post from a married woman’s point of view even though I will chip in a few things marriage has taught me.

Here we go!:
Sometime last week, I was chatting with someone who says all men cheat, that its impossible for man to have one girlfriend. I tried to point out to her that while I will not vouch for anyone, I do know there are men who have much more important priorities in life than to run after different women. I doubt her perspective changed but really that’s her.  This is what I believe, if men constantly cheat on you, lie to you or make you a side dish, sister  re-evaluate yourself! It is okay to go through disappointments in relationship once or twice, I mean sometimes that’s how we learn to differentiate between the good and the bad BUT if it happens to you more often than mentioned then something is wrong with you! Yes I said it! (Sue me please!)
Ask yourself how come every man I meet just wants sex?  Is it not your fellow women these men are engaging and marrying weekend after weekend? Why can’t it be you?  The answer is simple; the man doesn’t see you as a wife! Do you even see yourself as a wife? When you have 10,000 female friends, you tell us on twitter and bbm how you downed half a bottle of Henny mixed with vodka and ogogoro, club 109 loading, club 17 down, 19 to go…c’mon na!  Even wives drink, wives club with hubbies but the magic formula is moderation, discretion and self-respect!  Check yourself and the seemingly tiny things you do that give you away as wild, loose and wayward, those might be why men think you are just a play thing.  

Here are 5 things that might help somebody:

1.  Carry yourself like a virtuous woman; pretend you have kids waiting for you at home. When you open          your mouth to talk, pretend your husband and kids are listening

2.    Drop some friends! You heard me! Men don’t take women who have too many female friends                     seriously.  When next you wanna hit the movies, try going alone. It is easier for a man to approach you           when you are alone than in the midst of 8 friends.

3.  Form values for yourself and wear them on your forehead!  #nuffsaid!

4. Please please and please again, be ‘aware’! You don’t have to know every topic or pretend to know           but at least have an idea. Be able to make meaningful contribution to important topics. Linda Ikeji’s blog       is not the only thing on the internet; find out what’s going on in other parts of the world, sports, fashion          etc.  if you are a fashion-conscious person, even if you buy your clothes from Balogun market you should      know Giuseppe Zanotti, Manolo Blahnik etc. ( I don’t own any pair from them but I at least I know who      they are)

5.  PROVERBS 31: 30! #cant be over emphasized!

Have a beautiful weekend! And go get that brother!!

Hubby and I at the defunct Bacchus Club...sometime in 2010 after work (pre-marriage) 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sanitation Friday! loooool!

Hmmmm *picks broom and sweeps blog frantically* loool what will I cite as my excuse? I don't know o! Ok seriously its been mostly work coupled with running the home...hasn't been easy at all. I get home so late these days and I'm dead knackered, and then  6am I'm up again and racing out to work where tons abide to do!

What's new with me?

I've recently moved homes (more grease to anyone planning on doing that soon!! you'll need plenty!), and my new home is farther away from work :(  :( but I love it! very spacious, enough for my little man to explore and practice his athletic skills, spacious enough for anyone not to get into the hub's space, he hates it when people are in his space!! So yeah, that's that for my home...then work, wheeeeeew! This job I started this year eh, hmmmmm I say God is my strength! I don't know that I've worked this hard in my life before except maybe back in 2008 when I was with LEAP Africa, but this is a different kind of working hard! My boss is mostly out of the country like he is right now, so that leaves me with the responsibility of running the whole office except of course paying salaries...managing the different departments and making sure the clients are happy isn't the easiest job I tell you but I LOVE the challenge! It makes me feel so ready for bigger things, I kinda feel like yes! my career has truly begun.

If you noticed, I've been trying to convert this blog to a fashion one, thats' not to say I won't occasionally be giving you better gists (about myself mostly, aint no Linda Ikeji! lol). well the process of the fashion bit is still in progress but it may not happen right away. First, I don't have enough time right now to take pictures of myself everyday, secondly and most importantly I'm working on my personal walk with God, I don't want to be the woman who spends so much time looking fabulous outside while my inner being/spiritual life is shabbily dressed. I want to hit a plausible balance before God, so I'm undergoing a spiritual overhaul and rehabilitation. Then on my personal style, I'm still a work in progress. I've always known what I like but never get around to exploring it. Check back in a couple of months and you'll see the amazing new me! Until then I'll be blogging my usual stuff!

Have a pleasant pleasant Friday!


What I'm wearing:

Dress: TNL (Things Nigerians Love) check them out here
Earrings: very old - some random store in Ghana
Wristwatch: Emporio Armani
Coctail Ring: Primark
Aviators: Primark