Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Things This Babe Will Be Doing This Season :)

1. I'm gonna rest well well cos number TWO will surely sap enough energy

2.  ehem, I'll know 'him' on another level! its very legal and holy now o! so yes I'll know him wellllllllllerrrrrrrr...(o bros be ready for energetic "knowing'') 4 rounds of  'knowings' per day straight!

3. Will tryout all my fancy dish everyday

4. Spend time with family and host a few on Christmas day

5. Honour all invitation!

6. Go on Honyemoon! chai!!! knowing continues.....:-)

7. Shop Shop Shop!!! O yes am travellin with just my handbag, will buy everything my money can exchange! still shop hunting!!

8. Explore, not sure what yet but i'll figure out when we get there

9. Party stone hard!

10. Reflect, make decisions, sieve out some friends (i'll definitely do this!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

@ZK Exhibition/Christmas Party

It was def a beautiful event at Life House Victoria Island as the creative guys from one of  the top 5 advertising agencies in Nigeria ZK Advertsing, took creativity to another level.... each person showcased their individual works in a relaxed atmosphere. Lots of fine wine and classy small chops accompanying...enjoy pictures below:

Me stepping in....rockin ma 1407 Tunic

Some of the artwork on display
More after the cut... 

Mow That Damn Lawn Baby!

U know I just dont get it! whats the award for growing these ugly irky bushes??? arrrggghhh sooo gross biko! No no no! I've seen enough, I just had to write this post. I was at an exhibition/party yesterday and this gorgeously dressed chic stepped in, I was so loving her charisma and her dress was a ready sketch in my head waiting for Mr Philip my able tailor, I just kept staring and  following her mannerisms and then I saw it! gosh, she lifted her arms to give the big hug and lagos cheek to cheek kiss when I saw the gory field, what?????!!!!!! No one told me Gillette had gone on strike! Veet had stopped producing? My God! what excuse did a beautiful lady like this have for not shaving? This is totally unsexy, uncool and unclean! Pls next time u hit shoprite, turn right to the toiletries section, grab u a hoe, shovel, shaving stick, whatever gets the forest out of sight and take the bushit down! Men inclusive! Thank YOU!

Friday, December 10, 2010

How it All Went Down on Nov 27,2010!

Mr&Mrs Ndukwe Onuoha

Ok so the day started off really early for me, cleaning and putting finishing touches here and there. It got cloudy at about 10am and I almost freaked out, somehow my big sis Ogb knew for a fact that it wasnt goin to rain so she just assured me and went to sleep....meanwhile my dad was outside blasting in tongues and commanding the weather to behave, that sorta gave me some faith.....the next time I saw him, he was in the centre of the compound with hands lifted up, giving thanks for clouds that had now 'behaved'.

Back in the room, my phone didnt stop beeping, pings were coming in like mad, I was one hot babe with a hot line that day, the phone sef begin hot for hand! lol. Hubby was running late, time was fast running, visitors had started coming, I hadnt taken my bath, ewooo! it was crazy but joy was in the air! Finally, gengen, my boo walked in with friends all dressed in linen and george wrapper and the moment my heart saw him it stopped for a moment, boy he was looking sooooo fly! My grand aunt went to my sis and whispered "is that him in the carton colour linen?" she said yes and the woman nearly collapsed..."o mara mma nwoke o!'". Me I defied all the rules and kept peeping from my room.... I got dressed and was called up for the first greeting and my shy cap of many years climbed back on my head that I couldnt even look at my younger cousins. My mum inlaw was sitted beside my dad beaming with smiles and reminding me silently how happy my mum would be up in heaven! It had been a rough walk to this path but God promised me peace and security and we got it! The horses were ready for battle for safety came from the Lord!! The highlight of the day was when I was given the drink to look for my man, my sisters were making all sorts of comments behind me and I nearly spilled the drink while I was laughing.....and when I knelt to give him the drink he drank the first half and asked me what he should do with the rest, ajebo di m!

To wrap a loooong story up, it was a beautiful day, beautiful weekend and everyone got back safe! The happiest person present must have been my mum inlaw and she infected me with that joy! Ah I didnt talk about Grand Ma Inlaw! I'll do a special post for her, she's an amazing woman ageing gracefully and the funniest person I have encountered in my life....would def give Ali Baba a huge run for his bills!

To answer many questions, there's no formal formal white wedding, just registry and church blessing then afterwards a small reception, this would be before the end of the year and we run off to Honeymoon!!! where? wait till we get back!

Friday, November 19, 2010

mmmmmm just friends?

Genevieve and Dbanj at Psquare's parry....

Photo Credits: Lindaikeji

....And wonder boi marries!!!

Photos of Mike Ezuronye's wedding
They repped the industry well.....

Photo credit: stelladimokokorkus

Soup Of Day!

Joseph Yobo and Wife

Love her shoes!!!!

Photo Credit: stelladimokokorkus


Its been a huge while! Sorry guys am preping for ma wedding.... you'll be the first to see exclusive photos!! Enjoy the bits am able to put together today! Love!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Five Deep Truth About Nonye Anike

Ask me questions and I'll select 5 which I would answer over 5 days. One question per day, Nov 1 - 5 2010 (Mon - Friday). You can ask as anonymous.


Soup of Day!

Kim and Ciara seen steppin out for lunch their outfits!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nigeria @ 50 - Day 25 "HANG"

Nigeria @ 50, Day 24 - Freaksho

May 11, 2003, my dad and I were busy in the kitchen, mixing, cutting, dicing and getting ready for my guests. It was my birthday. Mum had passed 7months earlier and would have been here doing the cooking had the doctors detected the hole in her heart and not assumed it was common bronchitis.
So in the bid to silence the painful emotions that thoughts of my last birthday with mum brought, I baked pans after pans of cake until dad made me stop. My sister who was supposed to help out had gone to Port Harcourt to write TOEFL and was to return that morning, but it was noon and no sign of her.  
Back in PH, she was set to leave and my Aunty Imelda was giving her a message for my dad when someone knocked on the door, it was my aunt’s neighbour and she wanted to borrow her pressing iron. My aunt gave her the iron and started to narrate how the NEPA wire had cut and fallen on her flowers and no official had come to check it out; they continued the conversation and stepped outside to have a look.  Just as my aunt pointed towards the flowers, her hands touched the wire and the current took hold of her.  My sister and cousins managed to separate her from the wire which she had unconsciously held to her chest and rushed her to the hospital; the first hospital wouldn’t touch her without a police report and the second one didn’t have any medical expert present.  In their desperation, they took her to a church where prayer warriors alike prayed all they could.......after about an hour my sweet and ever cheerful Aunty Imelda gave up. Since then, May 11 has ceased to be just a birthday to me.
Like I always say, the saddest thing about the change we cry out for in Nigeria is that many of us don’t believe it will come. But for me, regardless of the many precious things the negligence of our system has cost me, I will hang on to this almost shredded rope of hope that someday people will not die needless deaths and our country will be a safer place.
God Bless Nigeria!
N/B: my birthday rice turned out salty....and pls my daddy can cook o!

Nigeria @ 50,  Day 26 - Tobenna

Friday, October 22, 2010

Our girl is at it again!

Ok I give up!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let Them Walk!!

Jan  2009  - I walked into GHartel looking really fab, heads turned and there were whispers around, some too loud above my head. Wow! it felt really good to be a Nigerian. I had heard how guys here thought Nigerian babes were  fabulous dressers, and oh I tried to rep that!

So I finally meet this Mr. Near-Perfect, who was one of the managers, my friend who sent me to him had said he wont make a move on me if he was already with someone, he was that perfect! Anyways we chatted away, I gave him my passport details and CV,narrated my immigration plight with the sincere hope that their company would do something about my work permit. Apparently our guy was feeling your chic and so we headed off to Churcheez for lunch and there the game began. Dinner after dinner, movies after movies and we were a 'thing'. Finally I asked about his girl and he didnt lie but didnt totally tell the truth. Big deal! I just needed something to distract me frm my current situation...but alas I ended up feelin up this dude.I thought he was really cool and smart, you know had the complete package any woman would want.

Given our new bond/attachment, I became more curious as to the true state of things between him and these this girls in his life. He continued to 'post' me. I remember getting home one night and confronting my friend in anger, "Paa you told me Fordsran was a decent guy, i'm dealin with the same thing u said wont happen,I swear to you Paa u dont know this guy". Finally I decided I was done being played with, but guy wont let go so we kept patching it and I continued hurting. Every time this particular babe called him they wld speak in their language and I would just stare, and to the second girl I was just his Nigerian friend, infact my number was saved on his phone as "Nonye Naija" as against the "Sweethrt and Bhoney" used in saving the other two. I wept so hard one very early morning to the point I smashed my phone on the wall, that moment I knew a nut had unscrewed somewhere in my head and it was time to go. Immigration Discrimination Bullshit + Man Crappiness = GO HOME!

To cut a long story short, I called him to say I was leaving and he went cold, next thing he said 'u know what? lets start all over again', hmmm, let me not even try to explain my rage.Well I transferred my anger to God and began to question Him, what sort of set up was this? in the midst of what I considered a trying time, you let this guy who I thought was a comforter come into my life and complicate issues, God why? I cried and cried, and finally I was back in Lagos. Amazingly, in less than 2 days I was soooo over with the guy. I couldnt even understand what I had seen in him in the first place, and to think that I was already begining to consider a long term thing between us. Oh! did I mention I found out he was engaged to "Sweethrt"!

(Well its all thanks to Fordsran for messing up me otherwise I wouldnt hv met my blazing 'Customized Boo' and fiance, Endy.)

Oct. 2010 - Na so I dey facebook last week and I got a message from my friend which started with "Brace Yourself For This" turned out my handsome,cool, smart and relationship hot mess ex boyfriend had defrauded his company and clients and had been fired, locked up in state CID, beaten and stripped of everything , includin his car, house etc....I couldnt believe it. This was the same man I thought was the best guy at his job, I mean I knew he had women issues but stealing kwa? I was shocked. This same man I cried and cried for, the one I considered "long term" thing with, the man on whose account I questioned God!  At first I felt he must have been set up but they say he wasnt, he actually commited the fraud. Maka Chi eh! when people walk out of our lives we need to go to God and say THANK YOU FOR TAKING THIS CURSE AWAY FROM ME!

Kim Kardashian Hits 30

Happy Birthday Babe!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

JLO's ''Unphotoshopped" wardrobe hazards

Awwww darling!!

Soup Of Day!

Here's to the bruvas! :)

  and its our guy Mark Wright!

Let It Go!

Am sorrry bloghearts, been busy with so many things at the same time, promise not to be away for too long again. Below is an xcerpt from TD Jakes' message and I thought I shd share. Enjoy!

Let it go! 
Some people can walk out of your life but let them go!
Its not that they are bad people, it just means their part in your story is over.
Dont beg them to stay, if the relationship is dead, stop trying to ressurect it
And dont try to talk another into staying, calling, or loving you, Let it go!

If you're holding on to a job that no longer meets your need, let it go!
if you're in an abusive relationship, let it go!
If you're hanging on to past hurts, you need to let it go!
If you're holding on to something that God has consistently asked of you, let it go!

Learn to say goodbye and keep moving ( Nonye Anike)

This is incomplete, I just shared the lines I remember

Sharon Stone @ 52!

Now this is what am talkin about!!! Remember the post about mad Janice Dickinson? Oh please compare these two women and tell me you aint thoroughly loving up Sharon!

Btw thats a pack of cigarette stuck down her region! (dnt ask me what i think about it)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oluronbi: The Musical

You gotta love naija theatre arts! I've never been into stage plays let alone musical ones but i was def.hooked after seeing this. Enjoy photos below:

Total Woman!

I just had to put this up! am soooo in love with this look! Hot!

Soup of Day!

Serena Williams...dont you just love?!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

'Tis been 50years and the road has been quite long, join us as we celebrate Nigeria's Golden Age at oluSimeon on 1st October, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Woman Know Thy Worth.....

I always say that I love being a woman, it feels good to know that we're looked up to for direction by men. A married man is treated with more respect than the unmarried one....reason is simple; his woman.  

Well am not discussing marriage now, I just wanna talk to a certain set of single women. How is it that a woman doesnt know when a man just wants to lay her? Its true that there are slimy men but where are the women with discerning minds? It doesnt take series of women's seminar to learn the ways of a hit and run man, it only takes one thing;YOU!  Babe the way you carry your market will determine who comes to shop chikena!  The excuse we hear is that someone hurt you real bad and u lost ur self esteem so much that you fall for anything...If a relationship doesnt work out, c'mon pick up urself, shake it off and keep living. Unfortunately some ladies dont even know what it means to be treated right by a man, well if you're one, why dont you start by askin urself if the man treats u as good as u treat urself or even better..... I feel really degraded as a woman when i see women settle for less for fear of being alone. How dare a man ask you to find your way to his house in the rain while he chills???? so freaking what he's gonna pay the cab man, at 11pm??! why should you be the one to take that risk? why not him? What if you're robbed, raped etc? will 1,500 for cab heal the wounds? Pls women, we carry the world's most precious treasure in between our legs, and its not for saraka! Stop distributing ur body.....if you make urself a carpet even a dog will walk over!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Commandments of The Red Carpet

10 Commandments of Red Carpet

Break these rules and be forever banished from the enviable red carpet… carpet1 10 Commandments of Red Carpet
1. Thou must know the name of thine outfit designer ( even if its a roadside tailor, give him a name!)
2. Thou shall not call out to paparazzi. if they dont notice you, fret not for there will be more events, try again
3. If ye were rough as a child please hide thine scars! Short dresses are not for thee
4. Thou must not wear heels that require special miracle to get thee moving
5. Drop thou not thine gum wrap on the red carpet for the ground thou standeth is sacred
6. Shhhhhh thou shall not shout! tone down thine voice, behave thou prim and proper
7. Thou shalt not gawk when thine eyes behold Genevieve and Dbanj
8. Should there be a feasting table, thou must show mercy to the cocktail for it is not thine last supper
9. Thou must discreetly and totally cover all that thine heart seeketh to hide for the cameras have grown multiple lens….
10. Resist thou the temptation to dress like Lady Gaga!

Couple Kill Themselves After Meeting on website

Joanne Lee and truck driver Steve Lumb were found dead in a Vauxhall Astra parked alongside an area of overgrown wasteland on an industrial estate on Monday. They had gassed themselves after meeting just hours earlier after making contact on the internet.
It has emerged that Miss Lee, who used the user name Heaven's Little Girl, received advice and encouragement on internet forums in the days leading up to her death.
Cyber 'friends' had given her tips on how to successfully kill herself and expressed their sorrow that she had failed to end her life on previous suicide attempts.
Miss Lee, 34, had written: 'I haven’t the strength to do this alone. I have all the ingredients and want to do it ASAP.
'You should... be willing to pick me up when it is time to (kill myself).
'If you are "very" serious, please email me'.
Answering the 'advert' Mr Lumb, 35, then drove 200 miles to Braintree, Essex, and shortly after the pair were dead. 

couple were found dead in the car which oozed of lethal gas...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lady Gaga's Red Meat Outfit at MTV Music Video Awards

Madness at 24 is disheartening!!

Oprah Takes 300 Studio Audience to Australia to Mark The Begining of Her Final Season!

 Oprah promised a pleasant surprise to mark the premiere of the 25th and final season of her show. The surprise was way more than we thought! 300 studio audience present were given an 8 day trip to Sydney Australia! Oh and John Travolta will be flying the my my..

Chei! Oprah biko record one episode in Lagos naa!! 


The Lucky Audience - why am I not in this pic? sob sob!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

so so so so....

Ah God is my strength o!

Now I understnd why my mum always smiled and said 'cool down' everytime I talked excitedly about getting married. I remember my first post on this blog, i wrote about getting to meet the inlaws..... well my turn don come, go. So I finally met the other part of his family after days and months of freaking out and i realized i was scared of NOTHING! i had so much fun there, first was savouring a plate of fufu (which i havent eaten more than 3x in my entire life) and there was the glorious chicken pepper soup...hmm and the very funny grandma with her flawless english, i certainly had a beautiful time there BUT.... , the part of having to put up some kain kain berra person shows didnt come too easy...and i've concluded that the 'meet the fockers parents syndrome' is with us to stay. All in all,meeting his people "officially" was way easier than the main introduction.

When the ultimate question was thrown at me, I burst out in laughter, I kept actin like one silly little girl while my uncles sat smiling at me with the drink in hand. "Nonye, this young man has brought us drink, can you please tell us what this is about and should we proceed to accept the drink?"  na so i tear laugh again o, i probably thought this was one of those Nigerian movies, and my fine boi dude was just staring at me like 'is this girl alright'. Well I responded with "it is what it is"..(thank goodness my dad wasnt there, he wld've embarrased the living heavens out of me). Back in his room, boo looks at me and says 'so we're doing this for real?' and i respond 'u're stuck with this bad gurl for life' and he says 'u mean the twins up there' we laugh and share a kiss and am off to my room thinkin in my head 'surely as the Lord lives, there aint no going back!"

Bottom line ; ONE DAY E GO BE YOUR TURN! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Soup of Day!

Anne Hathaway!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

All for "Sanctification"

Sarah Cassidy is a senior female figure in Opus Dei, one of the most controversial forces in the Roman Catholic church. Single and celibate — and determined to remain so, doent drink and smoke, totally abhors drugs. Each night she fastens a wire chain, known as a cilice, around her upper thigh to suppress her desires and atone for her sins. The device has sharp prongs that dig into the skin and flesh causing much pain.

The 'barbed wire"!

Na wa o, someone who is celibate, doesnt drink and smoke, wetin again she wan atone for? So what did Christ come to do? act drama on earth and go back to heaven?? hmmmm!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Diary Highlights

Be careful what you dream and wish for, you might just get them.

My friend and brother got married over the weekend and just as i was steppin out of the wedding arena, i had a quick flashbackof last year at about this time.

I had gone on a trip with him and a group of his friends for a mutual friend's weddin as well as his introduction, what was supposed to be a beautiful  trip went sour for me when tongues started wagging. The most pathetic part was that i had just walked out of a relationship and everyone on that trip had a partner except a married friend of ours who came without his wife. Apparently some of the guys didnt believe that there was nothin between my friend and I so they talked behind my back and to his face. I would retire to the hotel and cry my eyes out. Our married friend became my 'rock', he would keep me company when others got occupied with their other halves,tell all kinds of stories to make me laugh, ( those stories havent stopped amusing me), he even gave me strategies on how to get on with life and ultimately find a man.  To cut a very very long story short, I said to myself that by the time my friend ( who i accompanied on the trip) would be set to marry in 2010, I wld've been engaged or I'll buy me an engagement ring if that wld prove anything. I told God and forgot about it. God heard that prayer. My friend got married, and my fiance was one of his groom's men. Testimony? YES! Morale? if you can see it, you can have it...... Happy married life to my big brother and friend indeed, thank you to my other big brother/married friend for givin me the strength to enjoy the rest of that trip.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

....and the winner is Miss Mexico!

Miss Mexico wears the Miss Universe 2010 crown!

KELIZA Engaged!!!! Woohoo!!!

You remember the 'never was' couple of BBA 4 Revolution right?? Kevin and Elizabeth! well they are officially engaged after all Elizabeth's shakara! Kevin proposed on stage in Abuja following their performance together of one of his tracks.....AM HAPPY FOR THEM JO!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

African Representatives at the Miss Universe 2010 - WHO'S THE HOTTEST?? Miss Nigeria's dress is a mess!

Only Miss South Africa made first 15, finals will be held tonight in Nevada United States.....