Monday, June 14, 2010


I recently updated my status on facebook and a particular comment by a married friend prompted this post. On my profile i wrote that a man would lay the world at a woman's feet if she treated him like a king, but my 'married' friend thought otherwise.....personally i hate stereotypes as i'd rather play on individuality but some truths are plain and love respect! From the bible days till now. Even the bible never asked a woman to love her husband(not in any version i've read) instead it said "honour" (respect o!!). A man chops nonsense at his work place and wants to come home to his place of 'rest' and this woman gives him more rubbish??? where would the queenly treatment from the man come from? You serve your man food in a regular gbam gbam plate, wont get ready his hot water for bath, 'common' good morning you wont tell him.... well unu ma (you people know) the things you do sha but one reason Effiong married his wife is cos she follows his instructions first and then asks questions later....em em em, am still learning that one, ko easy o! Your man is your head, the God instituted authority over you, you disrespect him, you rebel against God. J'ai fini!!

*sorry o but am guilty of some things, the "talk one talk ten syndrome", eh but we're all learning hehehe*

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