Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Surviving the Cleav‘AGE’

From the Stone Age to the Jet Age and recently the Berry Age (black or blue, depends on your pouch!). Just a thought ago I figured the gradual transition to the cleav‘age’, and I ask, to what end? Whatever triggered this sudden need to show off ‘a little’ something which is often more than little or barely there - blame it on nature (if the ‘dot’ hasn’t seen Dr. 90210 that is!). Even my grand mother’s mates are guilty of this unpardonable sin…showing off cleavages first seen by our parents in their innocence! Chineke have mercy! Truly, this has nothing to do with age but everything to do with our minds and morals, and maybe priorities too. Whatever it is needs to be set right.
Whoever said you can’t look trendy without hunting men with our little somethings?? Since when did indecency and fashionable become same? Why exactly are we putting so much pressure on the innocent tailor’s scissors to go down a ‘little’ lower? What in the world are camisoles for if per adventure the scissors was too carnal to know when to step on the brake?

Ask the average woman on the street and she would tell you what better leaders women would make, no doubt but with what? Our body parts ever dangling for all to see? We want more respect from men but how are we able to know what respect is when we don’t give it to ourselves? You already know what signals you are sending out, so when that dude walks over and starts licking his lips while asking for your BB pin, please be nice…don’t get an attitude, he only obliged your request to be treated that way.  You sell cleavage? Cleavage shoppers will stop by, so my apologies if I’ve tried to ‘spoil market’.  And abeg before you judge me old fashioned, I love corsets but if it shows too much flesh on my chest, it’s probably not my size!

To end my rant, I’d love to know: when do women get a chance to see a little something from the other folks? I mean in music videos etc?  And sorry brothers, I really have no clue as to how you would survive this ‘age’, but when and if you find a way to live through it, please fill me in. Only God knows what age next mcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!


  1. As much as i don't like the whole cleavage popping out thingy, an unreasonable and ill mannered man would always disrespect a lady fully clothed or not.

  2. I agree with you but its not even just about the men respecting us but we respecting ourselves