Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What does God want from me?????

I dont know why I cnt get me to do what I really want and just like Apostle Paul, I do the ones I hate to do. But I noticed that in my lowest moments, I mean moments when I feel most unworthy, God shows up!And then I dont get it! I recieve blessings meant for the righteous ones, breathrough that unholy dogs like me dont deserve.....and I ask: why is God so interested in me? why am I the one who gets blessed in the mess??? I hope to get the answers when am done with my purpose on earth and finally go to be with my lover Jesus.....I know that surely I must be carrying something that is important  to God and I will preserve it for Him....I dont know who else feels this way, I cant possibly be the only one enjoying this GRACEEE!!!!!!!!! hmmm sweet Jesus!!!

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