Friday, July 30, 2010

Omotola releases new video - Missing You, check out the hot photos!

Hot yeah!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hmmm Naija certainly learnt extravagancy from somewhere.....

I dont know whether to say  its okay for Bill and Hill to spend so much on their ONLY daughter or....well whatever we think, na we sabi (really).
Chelsea and Marc would be wedding on saturday and here's the budget:

Tents - £400,000
Tables - £70,000
Stationery (Invites/Programmes/Menu) - £32,000Flowers (Casablanca Lilies) - £320,000
Rings - £7,000
Food - £100,000
Transportation of guests - £320,000
Rehearsal Dinner -£16,000Wedding Dress - £16,000 (not sure yet if its Vera Wang or Oscar De La Renta)
 Bride's Jewelry - £160,000
Cake -£7,000
Security - £130,000
Guests are even being treated to porcelain portable toilets that flush, play music and have hot running water.Ha! no be DMT matter o!!!

How NOT to behave at 55!

Janice Dickinson's body to me is not half as disturbing as her overly repulsive personality! Oh I hear she's on celebrity rehab show...Jeez that! This woman has 2 kids and is 55, took this shot for the new issue of Close reminds me of a tired piece of rag obalende's ashies.....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Soup of Day!

Official face of MUD - love the fierce look!

The Return.....

I woke up this morning feeling like 'look i dont care anymore' , I mean whatever happens, happens right? There's been so much tension, anxiety, expectations around me recently and today I decided TO HELL WITH THEM! I'm not worrying about anything anymore, If  I have no control over them then God does and if He wont work them out the way I expect, let no one try please! I would only have it God's way or no other.

Ok so in my usual morning routine, I got on facebook to see whose relationship status has changed and who ate what last night, and I saw a note by my friend and big sis Ezinne Oriaku (Nee Onwuchekwa). I pondered on the words as I read them, with tears in my eyes I begun to apologize to God for how much I've neglected Him. It occured to me that we have lost the heaven consciousness, what happened? did someone tell us we would be here forever? what exactly caused this relaxation in our attitudes?? I cannot quite answer for many but I can say that for me, I got carried away. Prayers answered, wishes that came true, all put together made me forget that I would be here but for a while and after that its Heaven or Hell....hmmm scary! But then as I read Ezy's note on the return of Christ, there was a certain feeling I know to be joy, I got more and more excited just thinking about it, Jesus is coming back, my sweetheart is coming back, my truest friend, brother and confidante is coming back! I wanna see Him, I dont wanna die before He comes, I wanna be caught up in the heavens with him, Oh Lord, help me to do your will!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Who wants Elvis Presley's piano?

Elvis Presley's beloved white grand piano could sell for £1million when it goes under the hammer next month.
It is just one item in a phenomenal haul of the King's possessions due to be auctioned in August

Mental Maturity....

The word came into my head a few moments ago as I chatted with my friend and thought about some events in the last couple of months relating to marriage. Maturity is not in the age oh! no way! I have seen grown big kids adults, and i wonder at what point you can truly say someone is mature.

I'm not married yet and so I'm not very much in the best position to talk about marriage but having watched my own parents grow to the point they did, i dare say that mental maturity is the first height to attain before you think of settling down. Your spouse will always attract attention, some of which he/she may actually enjoy, but that doesnt mean they love you less or want to be with you less.Please let your partner feel single even though they are married to you, nobody wants to loose their lives and total being in marriage. I dont want to be Tayo in marriage, I still want to be Nonye, only a better version. You wonder why people back out last minute, this is it!

Ability to accept your spouse the way they are and the people around them is MENTAL matter how bad your spouse's family and friends are, let him/her be the one to do the negative speaking not YOU! if u hate them so much to speak anything positive then please dont say anything at all...Mental Maturity

This is not one of my 'articles' so dont ciriticize my more like just talking

Friday, July 23, 2010

Soup of Day!

Am totally loving this!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three months to live, set to wed! - Cancer victim's dying wish to come true

A young cancer victim with just three months to live is to see her dying wish come true and have the fairytale wedding she has always dreamed of.
Kirsty Ferris, 22, will marry Richard Bare this week after doctors confirmed her condition was terminal and she was living on 'borrowed time'.
Kirsty had suffered 'stabbing' pains in her back for 12 months and an MRI scan revealed she was in the advanced stages of renal cancer.

Richard, who used to work in the entertainment industry before giving it up to care for Kirsty, said whatever time the couple had together was precious to them.
Richard, fighting back tears, said: 'It's been hard - probably the hardest thing I've ever experienced in my life. I just feel lucky to have met Kirsty.
'I still feel lucky now knowing I can spend the time I can with her. I wish things were different but there's nothing we can do.'
The couple will marry at the Astor Hotel in Plymouth after owner Joseph Louei agreed to stage the ceremony free of charge.

I'm so teary eyed.... Lord let there be a miracle!

What would you do if you found your spouse cheating with same sex?? (GAY!)

Monday, July 19, 2010

BBA 5 ALL Star....

Mwisho from Tanzania (BBA 1)
Sammie from Ghana (BBA 1)
Lerato from South Africa (BBA 2)
Meryl from Namibia (BBA 2)
Tatiana from Angola (BBA 2)
Code from Malawi (BBA 2)
Munya from Zimbabwe (BBA 3)
Sheila from Kenya (BBA 3)
Kaone from (BBA 4)
Jeniffer from Mozambique (BBA 4)
Paloma from Zambia (BBA 4)
Yacob from Ethiopia (BBA 4)
Hannington from Uganda (BBA 4)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Madam no hide am, na nature! hehehehehe

Aunty Vicky Beckham pictured desperately trying to cover her cold sores!

Is Tyra taking this weight loss thing too far??

 Once quoted as saying " if you dont like big women, well kiss my fat a**!"...... I wonder why she suddenly cares and obviously too much

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Linda Ex 'Hogan' at it again!

                   With Hulk Hogan in 2005                      With Toyboy boyfriend, celebrating independence July 4
Divorced husband two years ago, Hulk Hogan's ex wife Linda is seeing a 21 year old boy and she's 50! this boy was in same class as her daughter.....and just recently Hulk paid her the balance of the settlement and what does she do with it? buys a yacht and names it 'Alimoney" and cruises with her robot boyfriend on America's independence day! Biko is this woman alright??