Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hmmm Naija certainly learnt extravagancy from somewhere.....

I dont know whether to say  its okay for Bill and Hill to spend so much on their ONLY daughter or....well whatever we think, na we sabi (really).
Chelsea and Marc would be wedding on saturday and here's the budget:

Tents - £400,000
Tables - £70,000
Stationery (Invites/Programmes/Menu) - £32,000Flowers (Casablanca Lilies) - £320,000
Rings - £7,000
Food - £100,000
Transportation of guests - £320,000
Rehearsal Dinner -£16,000Wedding Dress - £16,000 (not sure yet if its Vera Wang or Oscar De La Renta)
 Bride's Jewelry - £160,000
Cake -£7,000
Security - £130,000
Guests are even being treated to porcelain portable toilets that flush, play music and have hot running water.Ha! no be DMT matter o!!!

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