Monday, July 26, 2010

Mental Maturity....

The word came into my head a few moments ago as I chatted with my friend and thought about some events in the last couple of months relating to marriage. Maturity is not in the age oh! no way! I have seen grown big kids adults, and i wonder at what point you can truly say someone is mature.

I'm not married yet and so I'm not very much in the best position to talk about marriage but having watched my own parents grow to the point they did, i dare say that mental maturity is the first height to attain before you think of settling down. Your spouse will always attract attention, some of which he/she may actually enjoy, but that doesnt mean they love you less or want to be with you less.Please let your partner feel single even though they are married to you, nobody wants to loose their lives and total being in marriage. I dont want to be Tayo in marriage, I still want to be Nonye, only a better version. You wonder why people back out last minute, this is it!

Ability to accept your spouse the way they are and the people around them is MENTAL matter how bad your spouse's family and friends are, let him/her be the one to do the negative speaking not YOU! if u hate them so much to speak anything positive then please dont say anything at all...Mental Maturity

This is not one of my 'articles' so dont ciriticize my more like just talking

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