Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Return.....

I woke up this morning feeling like 'look i dont care anymore' , I mean whatever happens, happens right? There's been so much tension, anxiety, expectations around me recently and today I decided TO HELL WITH THEM! I'm not worrying about anything anymore, If  I have no control over them then God does and if He wont work them out the way I expect, let no one try please! I would only have it God's way or no other.

Ok so in my usual morning routine, I got on facebook to see whose relationship status has changed and who ate what last night, and I saw a note by my friend and big sis Ezinne Oriaku (Nee Onwuchekwa). I pondered on the words as I read them, with tears in my eyes I begun to apologize to God for how much I've neglected Him. It occured to me that we have lost the heaven consciousness, what happened? did someone tell us we would be here forever? what exactly caused this relaxation in our attitudes?? I cannot quite answer for many but I can say that for me, I got carried away. Prayers answered, wishes that came true, all put together made me forget that I would be here but for a while and after that its Heaven or Hell....hmmm scary! But then as I read Ezy's note on the return of Christ, there was a certain feeling I know to be joy, I got more and more excited just thinking about it, Jesus is coming back, my sweetheart is coming back, my truest friend, brother and confidante is coming back! I wanna see Him, I dont wanna die before He comes, I wanna be caught up in the heavens with him, Oh Lord, help me to do your will!!

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