Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three months to live, set to wed! - Cancer victim's dying wish to come true

A young cancer victim with just three months to live is to see her dying wish come true and have the fairytale wedding she has always dreamed of.
Kirsty Ferris, 22, will marry Richard Bare this week after doctors confirmed her condition was terminal and she was living on 'borrowed time'.
Kirsty had suffered 'stabbing' pains in her back for 12 months and an MRI scan revealed she was in the advanced stages of renal cancer.

Richard, who used to work in the entertainment industry before giving it up to care for Kirsty, said whatever time the couple had together was precious to them.
Richard, fighting back tears, said: 'It's been hard - probably the hardest thing I've ever experienced in my life. I just feel lucky to have met Kirsty.
'I still feel lucky now knowing I can spend the time I can with her. I wish things were different but there's nothing we can do.'
The couple will marry at the Astor Hotel in Plymouth after owner Joseph Louei agreed to stage the ceremony free of charge.

I'm so teary eyed.... Lord let there be a miracle!

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