Monday, August 30, 2010

Diary Highlights

Be careful what you dream and wish for, you might just get them.

My friend and brother got married over the weekend and just as i was steppin out of the wedding arena, i had a quick flashbackof last year at about this time.

I had gone on a trip with him and a group of his friends for a mutual friend's weddin as well as his introduction, what was supposed to be a beautiful  trip went sour for me when tongues started wagging. The most pathetic part was that i had just walked out of a relationship and everyone on that trip had a partner except a married friend of ours who came without his wife. Apparently some of the guys didnt believe that there was nothin between my friend and I so they talked behind my back and to his face. I would retire to the hotel and cry my eyes out. Our married friend became my 'rock', he would keep me company when others got occupied with their other halves,tell all kinds of stories to make me laugh, ( those stories havent stopped amusing me), he even gave me strategies on how to get on with life and ultimately find a man.  To cut a very very long story short, I said to myself that by the time my friend ( who i accompanied on the trip) would be set to marry in 2010, I wld've been engaged or I'll buy me an engagement ring if that wld prove anything. I told God and forgot about it. God heard that prayer. My friend got married, and my fiance was one of his groom's men. Testimony? YES! Morale? if you can see it, you can have it...... Happy married life to my big brother and friend indeed, thank you to my other big brother/married friend for givin me the strength to enjoy the rest of that trip.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

....and the winner is Miss Mexico!

Miss Mexico wears the Miss Universe 2010 crown!

KELIZA Engaged!!!! Woohoo!!!

You remember the 'never was' couple of BBA 4 Revolution right?? Kevin and Elizabeth! well they are officially engaged after all Elizabeth's shakara! Kevin proposed on stage in Abuja following their performance together of one of his tracks.....AM HAPPY FOR THEM JO!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

African Representatives at the Miss Universe 2010 - WHO'S THE HOTTEST?? Miss Nigeria's dress is a mess!

Only Miss South Africa made first 15, finals will be held tonight in Nevada United States.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stop Abortion!

2011 Model ......

A moving vehicle in Lagos! hmmmm words fail me.......

Legalise heroin and cocaine to cut crime and improve health, top doctor says

Personal drug use should be legalised to cut crime and improve health, a top doctor has said.
Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, the outgoing president of the Royal College of Physicians, suggested that relaxing the law on possessing substances such as heroin, cocaine and cannabis would not increase the number of addicts.
This could save vast amounts of taxpayers' money, he suggests.

......FOR REAL????????

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ewwwwww Kimmy!!

Kim Kardashian always rocks it but this time? she wrecked it!

Soup of Day!

Halle rocks the look on the september edition of vogue. I totally love love!

......our "IJE"

Amebos!!! LOL ........So we met at my friend's place back in the east sometime in 2003 and they were dating at the time,he was also a member of a fellowship my big sister took me to and was friends with her. I didnt particularly like him cos i thought he was snobbish, you know i try to talk to dude and though he wld talk back he wouldnt as much as look at my face. Well all the inyanga didnt stop me from occassionally borrowing his phone to call my boyfriend who lived outside town. So so so, our first major rapport was when my friend asked me to go keep him company in his house as she had to be somewhere. The whole arrangement felt really awkward but I rolled with it regardless. I dont quite remember what we talked about that day but he at least looked at my face LOL, i  was more relaxed with him. Well we watched movies till my friend came back, * i think he fixed something for me to eat, not sure now what it was but there were eggs involved* LOL (amazingly, my dearly beloved dude does not remember me ever being to his house!!)

His relationship wit my friend ended and i never saw or heard from him again until October 2009.
I was sitting on my desk at work when he walked in. and surprisingly my sister and I had talked about him the week before. He remembered my face but not my name,anyways we hugged and chatted briefly before he left. Two days later, his cousin who was my colleague and who he had come to see told me the dude wanted us to hang out which we did and the rest is history!

The Proposal : We were sitting together and he sent me BB chats! First one read; I LOVE YOU and The second one: WILL YOU MARRY ME? well I replied and there was the ring smiling beside me on the bed......

Anymore questions??? LOL

*Let me answer ur first question before u ask* - my friend is happily married with two kids and has absolutely nothing against our relationship...

Paris Hilton Slammed £22million Lawsuit For Wearing a Wrong Weave!

Mad 'Hair-ess!" signed a deal with Hair Tech to promote their brand only to be seen wearing hair from a rival company. I pray same thing doesnt happen to my dear Linda Ikeji  (from Zabel Hair to Sparkle Hair)....hmmmmm I no dey o! LOL

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Didnt know this about my girl Latifah! sob! sob!!sob!!

Very stale gist but not to me mehn!

For me or Him?

Pls pls pls, dont tell me how I need to work my ass out lookin good while the man sits there getting fat! We've heard soooooo many times how women let themselves loose when they get married and stop caring about their appearances but seriously how many of such women do we have in this age and time? Sisters are getting wise jo! (although not all) See these fine fine married women in Lagos, do they not look hot?? and pls its not just for their husbands! (i think) one has gotta take care of his/her health mehn! I work out cos i want to trim a few, granted!, but also cos i need my heart pumping weller, I need to live long for my loved ones.

I think we've graduated from the age of working out and keepin in shape just because of a man,it should be more cos we need to burn these high carb foods we eat in Africa! No doubt a woman should keep her figure, i mean you want to keep his eyes on you for as long as you wish to be with him but that shouldnt be the ultimate reason to keep fit. Ok assuming that were the only reason, why are women the only ones expected to do the 'maintaining figure',how many men actually gym cos of their wives? oh its a man's world! well hear this first hand, women have as much capacity as men have to cheat!

Bottom line, work out to keep fit and healthy first, in the end you'll be doing it for him/her.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Love Fantasies VS Realities

I would say I started 'fantasizing' at a rather early age, way way before I got in my teens. I would walk down the beach with my hubby and the kids splash around then we would go home where Monica would cook while we watch TVs etc....Fire! To paint a clearer picture of my disappointment at the crumble of my fantasies , i'll put each dream beside its 'replica' in reality. LOL

He would buy me heaven; I don’t have to work hard for a damn thing.  Car on my bday, weekend trip to Seychelles, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.
Sure am gonna take you on that trip, after all you’re my queen but for now Dubai would do.Baby you gotta take care of your BB subscription while I think of raising money for the wedding. And hey stop by shoprite and pick up your toiletries…you work don’t you?? Oh I want to make your bday special too but please make do with this lovely Coco Channel bag, that’s all I can afford for now
He would never let me stand in the sun waiting for a cab, he would pick me up or send his driver….am too precious awwwww!
Ok sweetheart, our flight leaves in 30mins and we’re stuck in traffic, we need to at least check in. And since you’ve not perfected your driving, I wont let you drive this mad route so pls you have to get on a…….. (you guessed right) and check us in while I figure out a shorter route
Monica would do the cooking and cleaning, and on days we don’t feel like her food, there are lots of  thai restaurants out there
Ehen madam, when did you say you’re coming over to make the onugbu soup? my stew is finished, you know my colleagues share my lunch. (Thank goodness my mother forcefully taught me how to cook!)….
(The ultimate one!)We would never quarrel
We didn’t speak for two whole days….our phones were very on!
He would be super rich, never broke! Unlike daddy who would strike out items on my list, he would buy everything for my kids and double!
In Nigeria???? When he’s not a senator?? Nne some of your needs would wait till end of the month o!

The list is simply endless! Am yet to wake up to many more realities for sure.......

Where has she gone to again??

Sorry darlings, I have once again broken the promise not to be away for too long, I'm really sorry.

Ok so I've had quite a few goin on, I went for Tinsel audition which had nearly 5000 fly and wannabe young (an friend actually called one Mummy) folks around. It wasnt a bad outing, i ran into old friend and secondary school corner mate, Chidinma Okereke, we had lotsa catching up to do and jeez she kept cracking me up silly!! that girl is a clown funny! The audition was okay, just that for the first time in my life i experienced the '' didnt you just fool yourself''  feeling. I just couldnt stop beating myself, ask me why? one chic made a face....that was it! I let this girl make me feel bad, but then again i asked myself ,how many times have i made anyone feel bad with a seemingly harmless expression? guilty me. Anyways enough of Tinsel.  I've also had a maaaad time these past few days bonding with family; my sisters, brother, boo, papa I love them to bits!!! two nights ago at Glover Court....unforgetable! lafta, strokes, suya, drinks, chicken...cant life be like that everyday??

Nuff blabs, next story...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

bloggless day!

Oh the 'stress' of blogging, one must have something to write, else they'll say she don tire!

Ok so i have very mixed feelings today. The good part: just got me a new Debenhams Collection bag (thanks to Sis. Tomori), its the next best thing since my Aldo wristwatch, and yeah am expecting some german designer bags in few days too *wink*..... wait o before u think am vain, na for grave i go carry Fendi? Abi did Kim Kardashian fall from heaven? i be babe too na LOL. Second good thing: today is my gurl's bday and am sooo thankful to God for how far He has brought her, hearty cheers to Obo Henshaw!  Now the bad part: someone got me really pissed, so pissed it affected my good parts LOL Blah blah blah! basically i have nothing to say.

Coming up next : Love Fantasies VS Realities.....U dont wanna miss this!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Gring !gring !!gring!!! and the bells rang.....

Alicia and Swiss Beatz  (TOP) seal the deal! wedding at an island in Corsica  France i think Alicia deserves berra o! the guy ways no pure sam sam!

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton weds Marc Mezvinsky in New York ...ok so I've confirmed the wedding dress was made by Vera Wang just like Alicia's. Na una biko! carry go! And your marriage better last o! I mean with all that money shelled out

*both weddings held over the weekend*