Monday, August 30, 2010

Diary Highlights

Be careful what you dream and wish for, you might just get them.

My friend and brother got married over the weekend and just as i was steppin out of the wedding arena, i had a quick flashbackof last year at about this time.

I had gone on a trip with him and a group of his friends for a mutual friend's weddin as well as his introduction, what was supposed to be a beautiful  trip went sour for me when tongues started wagging. The most pathetic part was that i had just walked out of a relationship and everyone on that trip had a partner except a married friend of ours who came without his wife. Apparently some of the guys didnt believe that there was nothin between my friend and I so they talked behind my back and to his face. I would retire to the hotel and cry my eyes out. Our married friend became my 'rock', he would keep me company when others got occupied with their other halves,tell all kinds of stories to make me laugh, ( those stories havent stopped amusing me), he even gave me strategies on how to get on with life and ultimately find a man.  To cut a very very long story short, I said to myself that by the time my friend ( who i accompanied on the trip) would be set to marry in 2010, I wld've been engaged or I'll buy me an engagement ring if that wld prove anything. I told God and forgot about it. God heard that prayer. My friend got married, and my fiance was one of his groom's men. Testimony? YES! Morale? if you can see it, you can have it...... Happy married life to my big brother and friend indeed, thank you to my other big brother/married friend for givin me the strength to enjoy the rest of that trip.


  1. Alleluia and thank you for your testimony for they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony (Rev 12:11)

  2. hope u didnt snatch someone else's hubby.... lol...