Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For me or Him?

Pls pls pls, dont tell me how I need to work my ass out lookin good while the man sits there getting fat! We've heard soooooo many times how women let themselves loose when they get married and stop caring about their appearances but seriously how many of such women do we have in this age and time? Sisters are getting wise jo! (although not all) See these fine fine married women in Lagos, do they not look hot?? and pls its not just for their husbands! (i think) one has gotta take care of his/her health mehn! I work out cos i want to trim a few, granted!, but also cos i need my heart pumping weller, I need to live long for my loved ones.

I think we've graduated from the age of working out and keepin in shape just because of a man,it should be more cos we need to burn these high carb foods we eat in Africa! No doubt a woman should keep her figure, i mean you want to keep his eyes on you for as long as you wish to be with him but that shouldnt be the ultimate reason to keep fit. Ok assuming that were the only reason, why are women the only ones expected to do the 'maintaining figure',how many men actually gym cos of their wives? oh its a man's world! well hear this first hand, women have as much capacity as men have to cheat!

Bottom line, work out to keep fit and healthy first, in the end you'll be doing it for him/her.

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