Monday, August 2, 2010

Gring !gring !!gring!!! and the bells rang.....

Alicia and Swiss Beatz  (TOP) seal the deal! wedding at an island in Corsica  France i think Alicia deserves berra o! the guy ways no pure sam sam!

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton weds Marc Mezvinsky in New York ...ok so I've confirmed the wedding dress was made by Vera Wang just like Alicia's. Na una biko! carry go! And your marriage better last o! I mean with all that money shelled out

*both weddings held over the weekend*


  1. wow! beautiful!!!!! Nonye am loving ur blog!

  2. Yeah I wish Alicia Keys all the best in her marriage, truth is,nobody will ever get to know what really went down between the three of them, so we will leave it at that.P.S I love her grecian wedding gown.
    Anyhoo, Aniks, nice blog you have here....welcome to the nigerian blogsphere aka Blogsville lol. You got some juicy stuff here already.

    Btw this is Ekanem, I used to blog,got tired of it, maybe I´ll catch the fever again someother time lol.Take care.

  3. Hey Kanem! thanks for stopping by. As for Alicia and Swiss AKA American Tuface, I really do hope things dont get messy cos quite frankly I expected a lot more from her. but then again, u never really know these celebs and what they consider priority, I mean considering what Swiss' russian baby mama tweeted about.