Friday, August 6, 2010

Love Fantasies VS Realities

I would say I started 'fantasizing' at a rather early age, way way before I got in my teens. I would walk down the beach with my hubby and the kids splash around then we would go home where Monica would cook while we watch TVs etc....Fire! To paint a clearer picture of my disappointment at the crumble of my fantasies , i'll put each dream beside its 'replica' in reality. LOL

He would buy me heaven; I don’t have to work hard for a damn thing.  Car on my bday, weekend trip to Seychelles, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.
Sure am gonna take you on that trip, after all you’re my queen but for now Dubai would do.Baby you gotta take care of your BB subscription while I think of raising money for the wedding. And hey stop by shoprite and pick up your toiletries…you work don’t you?? Oh I want to make your bday special too but please make do with this lovely Coco Channel bag, that’s all I can afford for now
He would never let me stand in the sun waiting for a cab, he would pick me up or send his driver….am too precious awwwww!
Ok sweetheart, our flight leaves in 30mins and we’re stuck in traffic, we need to at least check in. And since you’ve not perfected your driving, I wont let you drive this mad route so pls you have to get on a…….. (you guessed right) and check us in while I figure out a shorter route
Monica would do the cooking and cleaning, and on days we don’t feel like her food, there are lots of  thai restaurants out there
Ehen madam, when did you say you’re coming over to make the onugbu soup? my stew is finished, you know my colleagues share my lunch. (Thank goodness my mother forcefully taught me how to cook!)….
(The ultimate one!)We would never quarrel
We didn’t speak for two whole days….our phones were very on!
He would be super rich, never broke! Unlike daddy who would strike out items on my list, he would buy everything for my kids and double!
In Nigeria???? When he’s not a senator?? Nne some of your needs would wait till end of the month o!

The list is simply endless! Am yet to wake up to many more realities for sure.......


  1. LOL Nonye u no well o! funny stuff! Kene

  2. It's nice when life happens and reality becomes bright as day!

  3. really? well i guess we need to be better prepared for reality then

  4. Nne this is true talk oh! i love this