Tuesday, August 3, 2010

bloggless day!

Oh the 'stress' of blogging, one must have something to write, else they'll say she don tire!

Ok so i have very mixed feelings today. The good part: just got me a new Debenhams Collection bag (thanks to Sis. Tomori), its the next best thing since my Aldo wristwatch, and yeah am expecting some german designer bags in few days too *wink*..... wait o before u think am vain, na for grave i go carry Fendi? Abi did Kim Kardashian fall from heaven? i be babe too na LOL. Second good thing: today is my gurl's bday and am sooo thankful to God for how far He has brought her, hearty cheers to Obo Henshaw!  Now the bad part: someone got me really pissed, so pissed it affected my good parts LOL Blah blah blah! basically i have nothing to say.

Coming up next : Love Fantasies VS Realities.....U dont wanna miss this!

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