Friday, August 6, 2010

Where has she gone to again??

Sorry darlings, I have once again broken the promise not to be away for too long, I'm really sorry.

Ok so I've had quite a few goin on, I went for Tinsel audition which had nearly 5000 fly and wannabe young (an friend actually called one Mummy) folks around. It wasnt a bad outing, i ran into old friend and secondary school corner mate, Chidinma Okereke, we had lotsa catching up to do and jeez she kept cracking me up silly!! that girl is a clown funny! The audition was okay, just that for the first time in my life i experienced the '' didnt you just fool yourself''  feeling. I just couldnt stop beating myself, ask me why? one chic made a face....that was it! I let this girl make me feel bad, but then again i asked myself ,how many times have i made anyone feel bad with a seemingly harmless expression? guilty me. Anyways enough of Tinsel.  I've also had a maaaad time these past few days bonding with family; my sisters, brother, boo, papa I love them to bits!!! two nights ago at Glover Court....unforgetable! lafta, strokes, suya, drinks, chicken...cant life be like that everyday??

Nuff blabs, next story...


  1. Your just lucky you stopped at clown, any further than that well ........ Next time babes