Thursday, September 30, 2010

'Tis been 50years and the road has been quite long, join us as we celebrate Nigeria's Golden Age at oluSimeon on 1st October, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Woman Know Thy Worth.....

I always say that I love being a woman, it feels good to know that we're looked up to for direction by men. A married man is treated with more respect than the unmarried one....reason is simple; his woman.  

Well am not discussing marriage now, I just wanna talk to a certain set of single women. How is it that a woman doesnt know when a man just wants to lay her? Its true that there are slimy men but where are the women with discerning minds? It doesnt take series of women's seminar to learn the ways of a hit and run man, it only takes one thing;YOU!  Babe the way you carry your market will determine who comes to shop chikena!  The excuse we hear is that someone hurt you real bad and u lost ur self esteem so much that you fall for anything...If a relationship doesnt work out, c'mon pick up urself, shake it off and keep living. Unfortunately some ladies dont even know what it means to be treated right by a man, well if you're one, why dont you start by askin urself if the man treats u as good as u treat urself or even better..... I feel really degraded as a woman when i see women settle for less for fear of being alone. How dare a man ask you to find your way to his house in the rain while he chills???? so freaking what he's gonna pay the cab man, at 11pm??! why should you be the one to take that risk? why not him? What if you're robbed, raped etc? will 1,500 for cab heal the wounds? Pls women, we carry the world's most precious treasure in between our legs, and its not for saraka! Stop distributing ur body.....if you make urself a carpet even a dog will walk over!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Commandments of The Red Carpet

10 Commandments of Red Carpet

Break these rules and be forever banished from the enviable red carpet… carpet1 10 Commandments of Red Carpet
1. Thou must know the name of thine outfit designer ( even if its a roadside tailor, give him a name!)
2. Thou shall not call out to paparazzi. if they dont notice you, fret not for there will be more events, try again
3. If ye were rough as a child please hide thine scars! Short dresses are not for thee
4. Thou must not wear heels that require special miracle to get thee moving
5. Drop thou not thine gum wrap on the red carpet for the ground thou standeth is sacred
6. Shhhhhh thou shall not shout! tone down thine voice, behave thou prim and proper
7. Thou shalt not gawk when thine eyes behold Genevieve and Dbanj
8. Should there be a feasting table, thou must show mercy to the cocktail for it is not thine last supper
9. Thou must discreetly and totally cover all that thine heart seeketh to hide for the cameras have grown multiple lens….
10. Resist thou the temptation to dress like Lady Gaga!

Couple Kill Themselves After Meeting on website

Joanne Lee and truck driver Steve Lumb were found dead in a Vauxhall Astra parked alongside an area of overgrown wasteland on an industrial estate on Monday. They had gassed themselves after meeting just hours earlier after making contact on the internet.
It has emerged that Miss Lee, who used the user name Heaven's Little Girl, received advice and encouragement on internet forums in the days leading up to her death.
Cyber 'friends' had given her tips on how to successfully kill herself and expressed their sorrow that she had failed to end her life on previous suicide attempts.
Miss Lee, 34, had written: 'I haven’t the strength to do this alone. I have all the ingredients and want to do it ASAP.
'You should... be willing to pick me up when it is time to (kill myself).
'If you are "very" serious, please email me'.
Answering the 'advert' Mr Lumb, 35, then drove 200 miles to Braintree, Essex, and shortly after the pair were dead. 

couple were found dead in the car which oozed of lethal gas...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lady Gaga's Red Meat Outfit at MTV Music Video Awards

Madness at 24 is disheartening!!

Oprah Takes 300 Studio Audience to Australia to Mark The Begining of Her Final Season!

 Oprah promised a pleasant surprise to mark the premiere of the 25th and final season of her show. The surprise was way more than we thought! 300 studio audience present were given an 8 day trip to Sydney Australia! Oh and John Travolta will be flying the my my..

Chei! Oprah biko record one episode in Lagos naa!! 


The Lucky Audience - why am I not in this pic? sob sob!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

so so so so....

Ah God is my strength o!

Now I understnd why my mum always smiled and said 'cool down' everytime I talked excitedly about getting married. I remember my first post on this blog, i wrote about getting to meet the inlaws..... well my turn don come, go. So I finally met the other part of his family after days and months of freaking out and i realized i was scared of NOTHING! i had so much fun there, first was savouring a plate of fufu (which i havent eaten more than 3x in my entire life) and there was the glorious chicken pepper soup...hmm and the very funny grandma with her flawless english, i certainly had a beautiful time there BUT.... , the part of having to put up some kain kain berra person shows didnt come too easy...and i've concluded that the 'meet the fockers parents syndrome' is with us to stay. All in all,meeting his people "officially" was way easier than the main introduction.

When the ultimate question was thrown at me, I burst out in laughter, I kept actin like one silly little girl while my uncles sat smiling at me with the drink in hand. "Nonye, this young man has brought us drink, can you please tell us what this is about and should we proceed to accept the drink?"  na so i tear laugh again o, i probably thought this was one of those Nigerian movies, and my fine boi dude was just staring at me like 'is this girl alright'. Well I responded with "it is what it is"..(thank goodness my dad wasnt there, he wld've embarrased the living heavens out of me). Back in his room, boo looks at me and says 'so we're doing this for real?' and i respond 'u're stuck with this bad gurl for life' and he says 'u mean the twins up there' we laugh and share a kiss and am off to my room thinkin in my head 'surely as the Lord lives, there aint no going back!"

Bottom line ; ONE DAY E GO BE YOUR TURN! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Soup of Day!

Anne Hathaway!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

All for "Sanctification"

Sarah Cassidy is a senior female figure in Opus Dei, one of the most controversial forces in the Roman Catholic church. Single and celibate — and determined to remain so, doent drink and smoke, totally abhors drugs. Each night she fastens a wire chain, known as a cilice, around her upper thigh to suppress her desires and atone for her sins. The device has sharp prongs that dig into the skin and flesh causing much pain.

The 'barbed wire"!

Na wa o, someone who is celibate, doesnt drink and smoke, wetin again she wan atone for? So what did Christ come to do? act drama on earth and go back to heaven?? hmmmm!