Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Commandments of The Red Carpet

10 Commandments of Red Carpet

Break these rules and be forever banished from the enviable red carpet… carpet1 10 Commandments of Red Carpet
1. Thou must know the name of thine outfit designer ( even if its a roadside tailor, give him a name!)
2. Thou shall not call out to paparazzi. if they dont notice you, fret not for there will be more events, try again
3. If ye were rough as a child please hide thine scars! Short dresses are not for thee
4. Thou must not wear heels that require special miracle to get thee moving
5. Drop thou not thine gum wrap on the red carpet for the ground thou standeth is sacred
6. Shhhhhh thou shall not shout! tone down thine voice, behave thou prim and proper
7. Thou shalt not gawk when thine eyes behold Genevieve and Dbanj
8. Should there be a feasting table, thou must show mercy to the cocktail for it is not thine last supper
9. Thou must discreetly and totally cover all that thine heart seeketh to hide for the cameras have grown multiple lens….
10. Resist thou the temptation to dress like Lady Gaga!