Friday, September 24, 2010

Woman Know Thy Worth.....

I always say that I love being a woman, it feels good to know that we're looked up to for direction by men. A married man is treated with more respect than the unmarried one....reason is simple; his woman.  

Well am not discussing marriage now, I just wanna talk to a certain set of single women. How is it that a woman doesnt know when a man just wants to lay her? Its true that there are slimy men but where are the women with discerning minds? It doesnt take series of women's seminar to learn the ways of a hit and run man, it only takes one thing;YOU!  Babe the way you carry your market will determine who comes to shop chikena!  The excuse we hear is that someone hurt you real bad and u lost ur self esteem so much that you fall for anything...If a relationship doesnt work out, c'mon pick up urself, shake it off and keep living. Unfortunately some ladies dont even know what it means to be treated right by a man, well if you're one, why dont you start by askin urself if the man treats u as good as u treat urself or even better..... I feel really degraded as a woman when i see women settle for less for fear of being alone. How dare a man ask you to find your way to his house in the rain while he chills???? so freaking what he's gonna pay the cab man, at 11pm??! why should you be the one to take that risk? why not him? What if you're robbed, raped etc? will 1,500 for cab heal the wounds? Pls women, we carry the world's most precious treasure in between our legs, and its not for saraka! Stop distributing ur body.....if you make urself a carpet even a dog will walk over!

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