Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Things This Babe Will Be Doing This Season :)

1. I'm gonna rest well well cos number TWO will surely sap enough energy

2.  ehem, I'll know 'him' on another level! its very legal and holy now o! so yes I'll know him wellllllllllerrrrrrrr...(o bros be ready for energetic "knowing'') 4 rounds of  'knowings' per day straight!

3. Will tryout all my fancy dish everyday

4. Spend time with family and host a few on Christmas day

5. Honour all invitation!

6. Go on Honyemoon! chai!!! knowing continues.....:-)

7. Shop Shop Shop!!! O yes am travellin with just my handbag, will buy everything my money can exchange! still shop hunting!!

8. Explore, not sure what yet but i'll figure out when we get there

9. Party stone hard!

10. Reflect, make decisions, sieve out some friends (i'll definitely do this!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

@ZK Exhibition/Christmas Party

It was def a beautiful event at Life House Victoria Island as the creative guys from one of  the top 5 advertising agencies in Nigeria ZK Advertsing, took creativity to another level.... each person showcased their individual works in a relaxed atmosphere. Lots of fine wine and classy small chops accompanying...enjoy pictures below:

Me stepping in....rockin ma 1407 Tunic

Some of the artwork on display
More after the cut... 

Mow That Damn Lawn Baby!

U know I just dont get it! whats the award for growing these ugly irky bushes??? arrrggghhh sooo gross biko! No no no! I've seen enough, I just had to write this post. I was at an exhibition/party yesterday and this gorgeously dressed chic stepped in, I was so loving her charisma and her dress was a ready sketch in my head waiting for Mr Philip my able tailor, I just kept staring and  following her mannerisms and then I saw it! gosh, she lifted her arms to give the big hug and lagos cheek to cheek kiss when I saw the gory field, what?????!!!!!! No one told me Gillette had gone on strike! Veet had stopped producing? My God! what excuse did a beautiful lady like this have for not shaving? This is totally unsexy, uncool and unclean! Pls next time u hit shoprite, turn right to the toiletries section, grab u a hoe, shovel, shaving stick, whatever gets the forest out of sight and take the bushit down! Men inclusive! Thank YOU!

Friday, December 10, 2010

How it All Went Down on Nov 27,2010!

Mr&Mrs Ndukwe Onuoha

Ok so the day started off really early for me, cleaning and putting finishing touches here and there. It got cloudy at about 10am and I almost freaked out, somehow my big sis Ogb knew for a fact that it wasnt goin to rain so she just assured me and went to sleep....meanwhile my dad was outside blasting in tongues and commanding the weather to behave, that sorta gave me some faith.....the next time I saw him, he was in the centre of the compound with hands lifted up, giving thanks for clouds that had now 'behaved'.

Back in the room, my phone didnt stop beeping, pings were coming in like mad, I was one hot babe with a hot line that day, the phone sef begin hot for hand! lol. Hubby was running late, time was fast running, visitors had started coming, I hadnt taken my bath, ewooo! it was crazy but joy was in the air! Finally, gengen, my boo walked in with friends all dressed in linen and george wrapper and the moment my heart saw him it stopped for a moment, boy he was looking sooooo fly! My grand aunt went to my sis and whispered "is that him in the carton colour linen?" she said yes and the woman nearly collapsed..."o mara mma nwoke o!'". Me I defied all the rules and kept peeping from my room.... I got dressed and was called up for the first greeting and my shy cap of many years climbed back on my head that I couldnt even look at my younger cousins. My mum inlaw was sitted beside my dad beaming with smiles and reminding me silently how happy my mum would be up in heaven! It had been a rough walk to this path but God promised me peace and security and we got it! The horses were ready for battle for safety came from the Lord!! The highlight of the day was when I was given the drink to look for my man, my sisters were making all sorts of comments behind me and I nearly spilled the drink while I was laughing.....and when I knelt to give him the drink he drank the first half and asked me what he should do with the rest, ajebo di m!

To wrap a loooong story up, it was a beautiful day, beautiful weekend and everyone got back safe! The happiest person present must have been my mum inlaw and she infected me with that joy! Ah I didnt talk about Grand Ma Inlaw! I'll do a special post for her, she's an amazing woman ageing gracefully and the funniest person I have encountered in my life....would def give Ali Baba a huge run for his bills!

To answer many questions, there's no formal formal white wedding, just registry and church blessing then afterwards a small reception, this would be before the end of the year and we run off to Honeymoon!!! where? wait till we get back!