Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Things This Babe Will Be Doing This Season :)

1. I'm gonna rest well well cos number TWO will surely sap enough energy

2.  ehem, I'll know 'him' on another level! its very legal and holy now o! so yes I'll know him wellllllllllerrrrrrrr...(o bros be ready for energetic "knowing'') 4 rounds of  'knowings' per day straight!

3. Will tryout all my fancy dish everyday

4. Spend time with family and host a few on Christmas day

5. Honour all invitation!

6. Go on Honyemoon! chai!!! knowing continues.....:-)

7. Shop Shop Shop!!! O yes am travellin with just my handbag, will buy everything my money can exchange! still shop hunting!!

8. Explore, not sure what yet but i'll figure out when we get there

9. Party stone hard!

10. Reflect, make decisions, sieve out some friends (i'll definitely do this!)


  1. hmmmm,...number 2...hmmmmmm...well, speechless.....buh, it wunt be 9ic wifout sayin' anyfin on number 2, man is energetic, his gonna get like number 9,....i shuld be invited oooo,...i wanna stone parin

    Oaikhena Freddy

  2. Mehn...I go like be dat lucky guy oh! Lovely piece as always Nonye; I enjoy your blog a lot. Oh, and congrats on the big hook-up!

  3. Lol Freddy! u'll be invited....number 2? hmmmm u can say energetic again! LOL

  4. @ Muse: thanks! been a ya?

  5. ur number 2 hmmmmm, know cha on another level, e ga and then you will know some more.. haha. as for 7 am with you on that one.

  6. Viva 'kaka' NdemDecember 15, 2010 at 8:13 AM

    LMAO!!! Nonye, onye guess you are really bent on quenching all the fire in your shmall oh...

  7. i no send number 2 or any other number wey concern u...when are u doing number 3 i wan chop mede mede????

  8. @ Ngoli: u know na! the knowing ga adiegwu! LOL as for shoppin, i ma nu!
    @ Nkem: onye nzuzu ibe m! we spent the better part of our growing up days dreaming and plannin this "knowing" inside ur room na...u don forget? kai I miss those days o!!
    @Mr. Jay: u're highly welcome!!

  9. kai..congeal dey catch pesin for here o!

  10. @HoneyDame: gbam! na only you understand as e be wallahi!