Monday, December 13, 2010

Mow That Damn Lawn Baby!

U know I just dont get it! whats the award for growing these ugly irky bushes??? arrrggghhh sooo gross biko! No no no! I've seen enough, I just had to write this post. I was at an exhibition/party yesterday and this gorgeously dressed chic stepped in, I was so loving her charisma and her dress was a ready sketch in my head waiting for Mr Philip my able tailor, I just kept staring and  following her mannerisms and then I saw it! gosh, she lifted her arms to give the big hug and lagos cheek to cheek kiss when I saw the gory field, what?????!!!!!! No one told me Gillette had gone on strike! Veet had stopped producing? My God! what excuse did a beautiful lady like this have for not shaving? This is totally unsexy, uncool and unclean! Pls next time u hit shoprite, turn right to the toiletries section, grab u a hoe, shovel, shaving stick, whatever gets the forest out of sight and take the bushit down! Men inclusive! Thank YOU!

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