Monday, January 31, 2011

7 Random Things About Me!

1. I cry a lot, am not half as tough as I look or act

2. I'm shy, was almost timid as a child even though I have the award of the funniest kid in the entire Anike's family.

3. I pray before cooking....thats how I learnt how to cook most dishes

4. I cant swim.

5. I'm a hopeless romantic

6. I do a LOT of freaky things (sorry I wont mention!...and u can never guess it right)

7. If I can bribe my way into heaven, I would! I desperately want to see this God after I'm done playing out this script here ( thats in abt 70 yrs time o)


  1. I am now kind of interested in the no 6, i am sure i can guess, maybe i should bribe my friend to help me out.

    3. you pray before cooking, should i really pray strongly before i eat ur food too. lol....Mazi

  2. Its just a habit I cultivated...its abt letting God in on the minutest details of my life