Tuesday, January 4, 2011

After Wedding Dinner Photos - YinYang Chinese Restaurant, VI

The after wedding dinner held at YinYang VI. it was an intimate night out with close friends and family, I apologize to those who didnt get to come, including family! Pls forgive us, it wasnt intentional at all, we werent exactly part of the planning....... I couldnt upload all the pictures, they are so many many!
enjoy photos here
mwaaah luv!

more photos here: 'read more'

Moi, Henry, Bala, Amaka, Oge and Saudat

Adaobi Okoye


Oge Anike and Amaka Nwoko

Nnanna giving the toast

Mordi Ochi and Abaolu Daniyan

Iheanyi and Chika Onugha

Joel and Saudat Godfrey

Yeseed and Biola Aro-Lambo

Bobby and Zhane Okoinyan

Singles Continued...LOl

Henry and Bala

Ugo Onukwubiri (The man behind 1407!)


ma fab sistas! Ogb and Oge

Nnamdi Anike AKA father of the bride! 


  1. Hi Nonye, very cool....I wish I can ape this concept!
    No much ado!!! God bless

    Eno Ekpott

  2. Lovely pics ,Aniks. Is that your dad for real in the last pic? ...he looks so young ...wow

  3. LOL thats her brother o

  4. sorry I am commenting on a post that is over a year but I just had to ask. Did you have a registry marriage. I am asking because that I want a registry marriage, a dinner afterwards and then a thanksgiving/blessing on sunday. Your pictures are how i want the dinner to be - minus the couples - don't have couple friends. Both parents are planning a grand traditional reception - we couldn't really stop them. Grateful for your response.

  5. Yes I did traditional, registry and church exchange of vows (nothing elaborate at all, very mini). The dinner was the reception for both registry and church vows. I wish you the very best.

  6. i am inspired, i love nonye

  7. nice!! happy anniversary in advance