Wednesday, January 5, 2011


2010 was a pleasant year, I achieved 95% of my set goals and I can only give it all to God! thumps up Father!!
In 2011 I hope to be a better person, ignore people's weaknesses more and focus on their strengths and the things that make them happy. I intend to be a way better christian and stick to water as the only liquid in my life(oh Lord I wish!!), so forget my name Rubis Chocolate Wine and you evil Smirnof, loose my number!

Ok I know you Africans hate to read so I'll try not to make this too long, below are highlights of a few events that wrapped up the year for me;

REGISTRY: my wedding dress got spoilt on that morning! I had to wear a regular dress to get married! my hubby thought it was unconventional and cool but he wore his suit!! imagine! why didnt he wear shorts so we could boldly say, hey we are not ur everyday couple! I was so frustrated, sister Ogb and my friend Iheanyi were at the registry already trying to get us a number and when they did, we werent there! they had to impersonate us and went ahead to fill some forms but got caught when it came to signatures.... it was soooo funny! Now that changed the day for me cos i couldnt stop laughing at both of them when we got there. It was a snappy ceremony and we had to give 'offerings' to workers there, who knew about this please?

AFTER WEDDING DINNER: this was simply a blast! MC AK did a great job and we had soooo much fun with family and a few close friends, it was a small but classic dinner, the food was right on time, tasty and plenty. Nuff said!

HONEYMOON: who remembers No.2 on my Christmas activity list last year? it was totally destroyed! ma grandma showed up on the morning we were traveling, my sisters kept going ' Chei Nonye you're wicked, how did u not time this thing na eh? now you want to go and spoil things for this young man', yeah yeah the damn old lady showed up much earlier than planned PERIOD! (got that?) I was in pain thru the flight and ofcourse it didn't stop till after 4days and then I got sick! em but Honeymoon isnt just for a period, its forever baby! and yes we weren't completely starved of each other, 'knowing' still happened!
I found Senegal beautiful especially the Goree island, unfortunately i couldnt take as much photos cos of my health.....

There you have it! sorry am not in my best writing moods now..... View photos below


  1. Nonye I found this so interesting true;its as if am hearing you talk now. I love the "unconventional" wedding makes u stand out really. A lot of us don't have guts for small ceremonies(owambe)
    And I laughed at the evil smirnoff...I wondered who grand ma was till I saw that you were in pains,sorry dear.

    God bless u too and welcome

  2. The last comment was made by ENO Ekpott(forgot to include my name or sign into my google account)

  3. Sheesh, i can imagine if i were in your shoes when the dress got spoilt first i would probably freak out and then cry my eyes out but babes that was close and i really admire you guys for doing your thing your own way. much love

  4. Hey sorry Nonye for commenting anonymous. I didn't notice my name didn't show and i wasn't signed in to comment from my account. Anyway congrats again


  5. lol, glad you still found time to have fun n take pictures.

  6. hi dear...its nice to know u had fun despite wat happened to ur dress...i find ur personality interesting, likewise ur blog..congrat!!!