Friday, January 28, 2011

Well done Chief Justice!

Let me state clearly that I DO NOT SUPPORT freaky woman to woman (man -man/animals) touches...don't caress my face, don't touch ma boobies not even wit a 50,000yards pole (how many football fields is that?...wareva!) So am all for enjoyin the heaven-sent-pleasure within the appropriate and permitted context. BUT these views don't make me better than those who don't share them! Let's get spiritual: bible says "suffer not a witch to live" so we all go Kill the witch! Kill the witch!! Kill the witch!!! Same bible says "the sin of rebellion is worse than witchcraft". Now, according to wordnetweb Rebellion is refusal to accept some authority or code or convention...which means you and I have in some way been rebellious, if not for traffic lights,in our offices or even worse. What shd be done to us then? Bury us?! Bury us?!! Bury us?!!! This doesn't happen. So who are we to judge and condemn others when our case might be worse? Kill a man cos he's gay? Lust and Lies only differ in degree but they are both sin!

Hate the gays, criticize the act, reject the bills to legalize their marriage, just DON'T MURDER THEM!! You are not God!

In memory of David Kato, stoned to death in Uganda on Wednesday Jan.26, 2011.


  1. Well written but the second to last sentence you wrote seems very contradictory...After quoted the bible, you still write "hate the gays...."The same bible also says love your neighbour as you love thyself...and not love your neighbour, but only when they are straight.

    The love of God in each and everyone of us should allow us to love others no matter what the sexual orientation may be.

    As for the stoning, I have no words. It seems like we Africans look for ways to show the world how barbaric we are.Of all the issues going in Uganda poverty, aids, this is the one their govenment seems to be obssesed about. SMDH

    May the soul of David Kato rest uin peace...This really makes me sad..

  2. oh! I actually meant to say "Hate the Act"....forgive that pls! and yes u spoke well too...we need to stop these barbaric acts!

  3. My dear, na wetin we dey see for this life be dat especially in our continent Africa, Nice write up.

  4. Men, I so L♥√ع this article. Am reading it again and it gets to ‎​​M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ a lot.
    A bible quote which appeals to me so much is in John 8. We really aren't nice when ‎​​ωε see scraps of wood in people's eyes. We point at them and try to force them out meanwhile ‎​​ωε are blind oh. How can a blind man see another man's eye? Jesus said to the adulterous woman; "Neither do I condemn you,go and sin no more. Yes gay marriage is disgusting, appalling etc but lust, and all kinds of sexual involvement is also detested by God. Sin is sin...They tried stoning that woman and jesus bent over inscribing(probably)...Mercy! He came ƒσя her and stoning her would contradict his purpose...he came to shed blood for a sinful generation. Check it, if God marks iniquity? Who can( ₪☺ big man of God can stand) so who are ‎​​ωε all to judge?
    God have mercy on me and a lot of ‎​​ωε Africans who allow our nature run our lives.
    Well done Nonye( i don come re write ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ article ‎​ℓ☺ℓ )

  5. I've mourned the death of that poor guy but just never got the right note of how to write about it. You did. Thank you.