Monday, February 14, 2011

My Worst Valentine!

My friend Lala Dee put up something funny on Facebook.  She said   “Ladies if your man tells you he’s going on an assignment this valentine period, please believe him. He really does have an assignment, to spend Val with his wife or fiancĂ©e.” This reminded me of 2005 valentine in my final year.
I had just returned to school from my long weekend visit to my boyfriend’s in Port Harcourt. I was the envy of my friends who were dating students while I had a working class ‘serious’ boyfriend. Well, they probably should’ve been thanking God for themselves, not me.
Before I left for school, boyfriend and I had made plans for valentine which was in two weeks.  He was either coming to pick me or I would find my way to Port Harcourt – again. Two long weeks passed and it was finally two days to valentine and boyfriend wasn’t making any tangible plans. Finally we agreed that I would come the next day but when it was time to leave for the bus park, his number was unreachable. After several trials, I got through and he said he had to travel immediately to Bonny! So? Val was off! I couldn’t believe it; I cried my balls out but tried to hang on to his promise of coming to see me the following week.
Meanwhile my friends were all off to their boyfriends’ hostel, lodge or where ever Val was happening for them. I was the ONLY one in the whole of my lodge.   I tried to make myself happy, so I set off to visit a few male friends.  I got to Izee’s and I was clearly not welcome –  his babe was there.   I didn’t know he was dating! Well I was sure Ben would be happy to receive me as he’d been begging me to come around, but I was wrong!  He didn’t even let me in; he stopped me right at the door and said his babe had come all the way from Lagos to Awka to spend valentine with him!
I cried one last time and headed straight to my aunt’s place, bought cooked groundnuts on the way, met only grandma at home, ate valentine groundnuts with her and gisted away.
You guessed right, boyfriend never came until I graduated!  And today valentine means absolutely nothing ‘man and woman’ to me.  It’s a day to spend time with your loved ones and give some alms. So today, off to Obanikoro Bridge I go, to give those beggars some puff puff or anything else I find on my way...maybe groundnuts!  Happy valentine to all celebrants! To the rest of us, good luck at meeting Monday targets!