Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lost and Found!

You see am one of those women who believe its almost impossible for a man to lavish gifts and favors on a lady without other motives. I met this guy in 2006 through a friend and we got really close, he was SUPER rich, funny, lively, great height, not so handsome (even though he believed he was Denzel), and EXTRA SUPER ARROGANT. This guy spoilt me well, I mean in a way no man had prior to meeting him.  We continued to be just friends until I found out he was married with 2 daughters, I started to look at him in a funny light like how could he not have told me he was married.
To cut a long story short, I went for NYSC and he offered to get me a car, at that point I had to ask him what he wanted and he gave it to me out rightly

”Nonye are you okay? I send my driver to pick you up, get out of meetings to take your calls, step out of my bedroom to talk to you, send you tickets when you need to travel, gave you someone’s two months’ salary to go to NYSC camp with and you open your mouth to ask me what I want! ok, I want to be your brother! This girl you be pikin? Look ,I like you too much to want to get upset with you right now , so pls don’t let me’’.
I don’t know if I captured everything he said but anyways my mouth hung open until he finished.  I just told him I needed to clear my head and he hung up immediately. I cried and cried that day, prayed my heart out and sent him a message that I couldn’t be who he wanted me to be to him. He replied and said we’ll see in heaven. For days I walked around like a moron, and of course everyone came with their opinions, some said God will forever be proud of me, others said I shoulda let the guy take good care of me…. I simply missed my friend.

In August 2009, some random guy started a chat with me on facebook and very very unlike me, I responded though reluctantly. After a few chats I started relaxing more with him, I didn’t waste time in asking his marital status and he didn’t lie. He was married with 3 kids, he even went ahead to send me their photos and told me how much he loved his wife and didn’t want ‘anything’ from me. I found it really weird and kept asking why he would chat with a stranger on facebook and he always just insisted that he didn’t want anything from me. We continued to talk and I started to believe and trust him. When he came down to Nigeria, he insisted that I come to see him with my fiancé as he wouldn’t have it any other way. We have continued to be friends and sometimes I forget that we’re not biologically related, he told my hubby that I’m his adopted sister and I call him my adopted uncle (he’s much older). He has been there for me spiritually and otherwise, I cannot mention the things he has done for me here out of respect for both him and my husband but I can say that there are very few men like this and even though I still believe that most men wont just do things for a lady without wanting something back, I must say that this one is a rare kind. He may not have given me as much material things as the other guy but he is the real friend I lost and has definitely given more!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh Sweetness!

HoneyDame my new found bestie on blog ville gave me this sweet award after I begged for it. Unfortunately I cant nominate her back as I really do feel like....

Here are the rules:

1. Mention Five (5) guilty pleasures
2.Nominate 3 bloggers to recieve the award

 -  I love sleep and the activities that bring it on faster.... my husband labeled me ''Bia and sleep'' (Bia means ''Come'' in igbo) emmmm you figure!

- Shoes Shoes Shoes (but if it exceeds a certain amount N10,000, keep it for yourself, thank you!)

- I love talk, sweet talk baby! ( no wonder that Akwa Ibom boy dribbled me like rounded pig skin for 24months)

- Sharwama sharwababy, sharwasweety, sharwahoney oh dear sharwama! (even better accompanied with Rubis velvet chocolate wine! ) 

- I love mouka foam-inspired-sanctified-gymnastics (am legally and spiritually allowed to! *stickstongueout*... a perfect excuse to stay off the gym! and yes I love the sleep it brings

My nomination:
Dith's Haute Spot
Icy Moments

Something about these blogs make me happy... you should check them out and follow!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Post

I just felt like posting something today no matter how short or uninteresting.
I found out that I have very serious punctuation issues (lowers head in shame), I mean I put up posts and laugh at myself when I read them... then again I try not to edit so much so people can see me as I am. Secondly, I use the word "SO" a lot (lowers head again), I guess I need to take writing classes, 'so' if you know any articles that could help me, i'll appreciate if you'll mail them

I stumbled on this letter below and am not too sure what to make of it. If u know the story, pls share

Monday, March 21, 2011

In the Name of Fashion and Politics

Na wa o! this N200 something go cause wahala o! (see my interview below to catch up). Ok I have finally decided to say what it is......hmmmmmmmm its something Dru Hill's Sisqo sang about 12yrs ago.....dont ask further, do the homework and when u figure it out, pls share! :)

Ehen o! so I've been off for a while now, I apologize, its the day workshop job, it wont let me fulfill my one post a day vision for 2011. But well i've been reading up some very interesting posts on other blogs and I must say am falling more and more in love with the blog community, I nearly gave up last year.

Ok so let me talk about a few things that didnt pass my attention last week.

The Arise Magazine Fashion Show. You see I woulda loved to go but I didnt get any invite and I didnt have ány extra money to spend going to look at outfits I cannot afford its originals (oh yes! am that dry and razz - plus i really cant afford  it). But mehn!!!! the guests wan scatter my head with their fabulous, outrageous, hilarious, masqueradious outfits! It was a modified rag day for some folks, an opportunity to show some love to their mama's abandoned wrappers and pay homage to the rags! Jees! I kept goin like ''Ogini bu this one?'' as I scrolled down websites with photos of the event. Anyways I must give it to Nigerian designers who really did wowwy stuffs! Una do well, and to the others, left to me some of your clothes will turn to curtains in your shops.

So Mallam Shekarau is that smart???? How come I didnt notice it in my 1yr of NYSC in Kano? puzzle puzzle. As e be now mehn, aint gat no presidential candidate o! I will just be alert in the spirit and ''put my hand'' accordin to first lady, where the Lord says put!  Jona, Jona, Jona! how many times did I call u??? shebi na kokomansion be your plans for naija? u didnt honour presidential debate invite because you were too busy campaigning but you could sit down with D'Banj while he tells u the koko? no worry, your own music video is on the way.

So guys, I hope you all have a beautiful week and keep your lovely posts coming, i'll be checking and leaving comments on your blogs!

Much love!

*ps when am I getting my own blog award nah?? abi I never blog reach?* :) :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blogger Nonye Lets Us In On Her World!

Last week I promised I was going to interview myself and make a post.... here it is! think what you may o...its my blog and am celebrity, queen, princess and king here!! :) Enjoy:

Life and Me: Tell us a little about yourself

Nonye: hmmm well there's not much to me, am not your girl next door but we're very alike in a lot of ways....I care less about a lot of things people care about and I mix up very easily (after carefully choosing out the right crowd). I hate people who dont live life as it is - REAL.  You gotta tell yourself the truth at all times. I look like an extrovert but am really your stay home, eat cookies and watch movies kinda gurl.

Life and Me: What inspired you to start blogging?

Nonye: I'd say I needed somewhere to put down my thoughts without worrying about privacy.  For some very strange reasons I feel safer writing on my blog than on facebook or even twitter.

Life and Me: What do you do when not blogging?

Nonye:  I have a day job with an advertising agency which I enjoy but basically I read stuffs on the net and watch movies when not blogging or just hang around friends and chat away!

Life and Me: You recently got married, how does that feel?

Nonye: It feels like living in the same house with my boyfriend with the obligation to cook and clean, and  the legal right to say who and who visits

Life and Me: Why would you dump a guy?

Nonye: No.1 Lack of Vision!! once am not sure where a guy's headed in life, I drop him. No.2 Akagum: Nonyelum would never date a stingy man for half a second (btw I have the gift of spotting them), N0.3 Poise or what you'd call swag....he must be able to carry himself well in both speech and appearance and OFCOURSE he must acknowledge God!

Life and Me: How do you keep fit?

Nonye: I hardly work out (ok maybe I do- on an orthopedic mattress *wink*) but I try to eat lots of fruits and vegies...still learning to drink water. 

Life and Me: Any beauty regimen?

Nonye: Scrub, wash and cleanse....and my face is good.

Life and Me: Whats your single most priced item?

Nonye: errrrrr....I cant really say but my BCBG shoes would be one of them cos I typically wont spend so much on a pair...then my cream and brown handbag ( a gift from my aunt)

BCBG Shoes

"Made in Paradise" bag

Life and Me: What are your fashion musthaves?

Nonye: SHOES!!!!!!!!!! and then Mascara!

Life and Me: Your most precious item?

Nonye: oh! would be my Marc Ecko wristwatch from my sister in-law
Marc Ecko Wristwatch

Life and Me: Cheapest best buy

Nonye: My Qupid shoes! well they are not necessarily cheap but given that I consider them as hot as your Christian Louboutin  and Giuseppe pumps, 7k is definitely a good deal!
em em but the cheapest cheapest cheapest item I have is something I got for N200! and I wont say what! no not my frames wrong! :)

Qupid Pumps

Life and Me: What kind of music do you love?

Nonye: Gospel and RNB

Life and Me: Fav. food and hang out?

Nonye: Nkwobi, Isiewu and Point and Kill! -  I love to hang out at Stadium Surulere or Giwa Barracks Falaomo!

Life and Me: What are your plans for the nearest future

Nonye: Make babies and roll out FabShoeRack..very very soon! watch out!

Life and Me: Thank you Nonye

Nonye: Thank you!

*Note* Pls forgive my vanity but you see, I cant afford lots of designer stuffs so when I manage to get one (bought or dashed) I gats to make noise nah! oh!! sorrrry! no item here is really a designer anything..mcheewwww!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Repost - Love Fantasies VS Realities

This was a post I put up in August 2010 which I just read again and thought I should repost.


Love Fantasies VS Realities

I would say I started 'fantasizing' at a rather early age, way way before I got in my teens. I would walk down the beach with my hubby and the kids splash around then we would go home where Monica would cook while we watch TVs etc....Fire! To paint a clearer picture of my disappointment at the crumble of my fantasies , i'll put each dream beside its 'replica' in reality. LOL

He would buy me heaven; I don’t have to work hard for a damn thing.  Car on my bday, weekend trip to Seychelles, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.
Sure am gonna take you on that trip, after all you’re my queen but for now Dubai would do.Baby you gotta take care of your BB subscription while I think of raising money for the wedding. And hey stop by shoprite and pick up your toiletries…you work don’t you?? Oh I want to make your bday special too but please make do with this lovely Coco Channel bag, that’s all I can afford for now
He would never let me stand in the sun waiting for a cab, he would pick me up or send his driver….am too precious awwwww!
Ok sweetheart, our flight leaves in 30mins and we’re stuck in traffic, we need to at least check in. And since you’ve not perfected your driving, I wont let you drive this mad route so pls you have to get on a…….. (you guessed right) and check us in while I figure out a shorter route
Monica would do the cooking and cleaning, and on days we don’t feel like her food, there are lots of  thai restaurants out there
Ehen madam, when did you say you’re coming over to make the onugbu soup? my stew is finished, you know my colleagues share my lunch. (Thank goodness my mother forcefully taught me how to cook!)….
(The ultimate one!)We would never quarrel
We didn’t speak for two whole days….our phones were very on!
He would be super rich, never broke! Unlike daddy who would strike out items on my list, he would buy everything for my kids and double!
In Nigeria???? When he’s not a senator?? Nne some of your needs would wait till end of the month o!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Interview Coming Up Soon!!!

So since no magazines, websites, TV or radio stations think am celebrity enough to interview me, I figured I might as well make me a celeb and interview myself! So come Monday March 8, I will be posting a detailed interview of me by me! Featuring photos of my most favorite item, cheap, fabulous and expensive stuffs...wareva!  Vain?? na you sabi!

Watch This Space!

Oscar Special



Best Picture: The King's Speech
Actor in a Leading Role: Colin Firth
, The King's Speech
Actress in a Leading Role: Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Actor in a Supporting Role: Christian Bale, The Fighter
Actress in a Supporting Role: Melissa Leo
, The Fighter
: Tom Hooper, The King's SpeechOriginal Screenplay:  David Seidler, The King's Speech
Adapted ScreenplayAaron Sorkin, The Social Network
Animated Feature Film:
Toy Story 3
Foreign-Language Film: In a Better World (Denmark)
Documentary Feature: Inside Job
Art Direction: Alice in Wonderland
Cinematography: Inception
Film Editing: The Social Network
Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland
Original Song: "We Belong Together" (Toy Story 3), music and lyrics by Randy NewmanOriginal Score: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, The Social Network
Animated Short: The Lost Thing
Documentary Short: Strangers No More
Live Action Short:
God of Love
Makeup: The Wolfman
Sound Editing: Inception
Sound Mixing: Inception
Visual Effects: Inception


Best Dressed
Sandra Bullock
Mila Kunis

I totally dig these two ladies' style! Chic and Effortless!

Worst Dressed
Florence Welch ( dont get this her outfit at all)