Monday, March 7, 2011

Blogger Nonye Lets Us In On Her World!

Last week I promised I was going to interview myself and make a post.... here it is! think what you may o...its my blog and am celebrity, queen, princess and king here!! :) Enjoy:

Life and Me: Tell us a little about yourself

Nonye: hmmm well there's not much to me, am not your girl next door but we're very alike in a lot of ways....I care less about a lot of things people care about and I mix up very easily (after carefully choosing out the right crowd). I hate people who dont live life as it is - REAL.  You gotta tell yourself the truth at all times. I look like an extrovert but am really your stay home, eat cookies and watch movies kinda gurl.

Life and Me: What inspired you to start blogging?

Nonye: I'd say I needed somewhere to put down my thoughts without worrying about privacy.  For some very strange reasons I feel safer writing on my blog than on facebook or even twitter.

Life and Me: What do you do when not blogging?

Nonye:  I have a day job with an advertising agency which I enjoy but basically I read stuffs on the net and watch movies when not blogging or just hang around friends and chat away!

Life and Me: You recently got married, how does that feel?

Nonye: It feels like living in the same house with my boyfriend with the obligation to cook and clean, and  the legal right to say who and who visits

Life and Me: Why would you dump a guy?

Nonye: No.1 Lack of Vision!! once am not sure where a guy's headed in life, I drop him. No.2 Akagum: Nonyelum would never date a stingy man for half a second (btw I have the gift of spotting them), N0.3 Poise or what you'd call swag....he must be able to carry himself well in both speech and appearance and OFCOURSE he must acknowledge God!

Life and Me: How do you keep fit?

Nonye: I hardly work out (ok maybe I do- on an orthopedic mattress *wink*) but I try to eat lots of fruits and vegies...still learning to drink water. 

Life and Me: Any beauty regimen?

Nonye: Scrub, wash and cleanse....and my face is good.

Life and Me: Whats your single most priced item?

Nonye: errrrrr....I cant really say but my BCBG shoes would be one of them cos I typically wont spend so much on a pair...then my cream and brown handbag ( a gift from my aunt)

BCBG Shoes

"Made in Paradise" bag

Life and Me: What are your fashion musthaves?

Nonye: SHOES!!!!!!!!!! and then Mascara!

Life and Me: Your most precious item?

Nonye: oh! would be my Marc Ecko wristwatch from my sister in-law
Marc Ecko Wristwatch

Life and Me: Cheapest best buy

Nonye: My Qupid shoes! well they are not necessarily cheap but given that I consider them as hot as your Christian Louboutin  and Giuseppe pumps, 7k is definitely a good deal!
em em but the cheapest cheapest cheapest item I have is something I got for N200! and I wont say what! no not my frames wrong! :)

Qupid Pumps

Life and Me: What kind of music do you love?

Nonye: Gospel and RNB

Life and Me: Fav. food and hang out?

Nonye: Nkwobi, Isiewu and Point and Kill! -  I love to hang out at Stadium Surulere or Giwa Barracks Falaomo!

Life and Me: What are your plans for the nearest future

Nonye: Make babies and roll out FabShoeRack..very very soon! watch out!

Life and Me: Thank you Nonye

Nonye: Thank you!

*Note* Pls forgive my vanity but you see, I cant afford lots of designer stuffs so when I manage to get one (bought or dashed) I gats to make noise nah! oh!! sorrrry! no item here is really a designer anything..mcheewwww!


  1. ha ha ha...i enjoyed this interview'!!So you are into advertising? i dont know why i find it really interesting and alluring. At least you should have told us where you're located oh. Hows married life??? congrats as you are still a newly wed!xxx

  2. LOL!!!!!
    Lovely read.Relaxing and laidback.
    Erh......*Where did you get that N200 thing naaa*
    Sistas should always share ooo.

  3. Haaa...Nonye! Love the interview and d new look!

  4. NOnye has kilt me!!! really are a girl after my very own heart! Those BCBG shoes look hawt and are sure high. Hope they are comfortable sha.Vain woman!

  5. thanks y'all for dropping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview *wink* you guys are next o!

    @Mage: oh sister sister...I shall do a post on that N200 item soon!

    @Honeydame: LOL at Vain woman buruku! yeah the shoes are high and quite comfy (amazingly)

    Sisi darling am in Lagos!

  6. Nne i enjoyed the interview that you invented oh! This our BCBG shoe na ebe ano oh! keep it up......

  7. The shoe you are wearing is fabulous....kai..*Must have shoes*(in a robotic voice)but nah money kill am..*must rob a bank too*

  8. i love dse interview oo, esp reason for dropping any guy, LOL, nice pink out fit...i want ooo, smiling

  9. You didn't finish the gist bout the 200N thing eh!!! anyway lovely, natural interview n a happy married life too

  10. Nice one. I'll like to get some lessons on that your fitness regime!

  11. @Ngoli: the funny thing is that the shoes dont cost so much. dont worry, FabShoeRack will be out to take care of your shoe needs without upsetting ur pocket. LOL

    Blessing: thanks thanks!

    ChizyK: hmmm forget the N200 something o! LOL...thanks

    Muse: we'll schedule a session for u! :)

  12. Lovely outfit and love the black shoes!

  13. love hw u said living with ur hubby is like living with ur BF only with xtra job of cooking, cleanin and choosing who visits :p
    nice blog.. followin u back :)

  14. Yaya!!! I got Kitkat following!!!! Thanks gurl!

    Thanks too Abigail!!! checking out your blog now

  15. Plumbline: *patience'voice* thank yor!lol

  16. You are hilarious :) You interviewed yourself and blogged it :) okay ooh :) super star, you have been added to E4 PR's blogroll. #Nollywood

  17. wow! i am so in love wit u! u do no u have 2 tell us abt dat N200 item rite? lol. luvd d interview.xx

  18. LOL! Thanks E4PR: maybe you'll manage me someday!

    ifeoma thanks o! am blushing blushing!!

  19. Nice interview with out the airs. I used to dream of working in the advertising industry back in the days. I'm feeling you babe. Keep the posts coming :)

  20. Lol at this post! But it's a nice one. I might steal the idea :p


  21. Babe, biggest confession of da century: i am sooo legally, officially and totally in love with your blog. You're so putting the "R" in the "easons" for why i should start mine A.S.A.P. I sure am proud of you sis. You re-define REAL and that does it for me.

    Interesting and enticing piece. More Grace

  22. Love the outfit! how can I get it?