Monday, March 21, 2011

In the Name of Fashion and Politics

Na wa o! this N200 something go cause wahala o! (see my interview below to catch up). Ok I have finally decided to say what it is......hmmmmmmmm its something Dru Hill's Sisqo sang about 12yrs ago.....dont ask further, do the homework and when u figure it out, pls share! :)

Ehen o! so I've been off for a while now, I apologize, its the day workshop job, it wont let me fulfill my one post a day vision for 2011. But well i've been reading up some very interesting posts on other blogs and I must say am falling more and more in love with the blog community, I nearly gave up last year.

Ok so let me talk about a few things that didnt pass my attention last week.

The Arise Magazine Fashion Show. You see I woulda loved to go but I didnt get any invite and I didnt have ├íny extra money to spend going to look at outfits I cannot afford its originals (oh yes! am that dry and razz - plus i really cant afford  it). But mehn!!!! the guests wan scatter my head with their fabulous, outrageous, hilarious, masqueradious outfits! It was a modified rag day for some folks, an opportunity to show some love to their mama's abandoned wrappers and pay homage to the rags! Jees! I kept goin like ''Ogini bu this one?'' as I scrolled down websites with photos of the event. Anyways I must give it to Nigerian designers who really did wowwy stuffs! Una do well, and to the others, left to me some of your clothes will turn to curtains in your shops.

So Mallam Shekarau is that smart???? How come I didnt notice it in my 1yr of NYSC in Kano? puzzle puzzle. As e be now mehn, aint gat no presidential candidate o! I will just be alert in the spirit and ''put my hand'' accordin to first lady, where the Lord says put!  Jona, Jona, Jona! how many times did I call u??? shebi na kokomansion be your plans for naija? u didnt honour presidential debate invite because you were too busy campaigning but you could sit down with D'Banj while he tells u the koko? no worry, your own music video is on the way.

So guys, I hope you all have a beautiful week and keep your lovely posts coming, i'll be checking and leaving comments on your blogs!

Much love!

*ps when am I getting my own blog award nah?? abi I never blog reach?* :) :)


  1. lol... thong song? thong? lol.. i dont know oo

  2. hahahaha..patience Nonye!!! I was going to tag u in my award, and now u have ruined it by "begging" for it.. begger begger like

  3. Hehehehehehehehehe@Honeydame: you know me nah! I will just design an award and give myself!

    Chizy Chizy! I dont know too o! :)

  4. Are you sure I'm not already following you?


  5. LOL@Nutty: yeah am sure u are now.. LOL LOL

  6. thong thong...yeah, good deal

  7. @Vyvyka: very good deal! am def goin back to bally's boutique (balogun market)for more :)

  8. Honestly oh! I had fun looking at the pictures too. Kinda depressing how expensive those outfit are sha oh!

    As for Shekarau, talk the talk, but can't walk the walk! Not interested.