Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh Sweetness!

HoneyDame my new found bestie on blog ville gave me this sweet award after I begged for it. Unfortunately I cant nominate her back as I really do feel like....

Here are the rules:

1. Mention Five (5) guilty pleasures
2.Nominate 3 bloggers to recieve the award

 -  I love sleep and the activities that bring it on faster.... my husband labeled me ''Bia and sleep'' (Bia means ''Come'' in igbo) emmmm you figure!

- Shoes Shoes Shoes (but if it exceeds a certain amount N10,000, keep it for yourself, thank you!)

- I love talk, sweet talk baby! ( no wonder that Akwa Ibom boy dribbled me like rounded pig skin for 24months)

- Sharwama sharwababy, sharwasweety, sharwahoney oh dear sharwama! (even better accompanied with Rubis velvet chocolate wine! ) 

- I love mouka foam-inspired-sanctified-gymnastics (am legally and spiritually allowed to! *stickstongueout*... a perfect excuse to stay off the gym! and yes I love the sleep it brings

My nomination:
Dith's Haute Spot
Icy Moments

Something about these blogs make me happy... you should check them out and follow!


  1. LOL@ the gymnastic. carry go jare

  2. haaaaaa! i knew it! that boy had lost weight the last time i saw him!

  3. @Freaksho: ROTFL!!!!!!! efforts are payin off!

    @Doll: *wink*..u know!

  4. uhm uhm!!!! It is for these reasons gan-gan that I tagged you! I knew you would deliver!
    Choi!!! Badt geh
    ANd no, really, you have an irresistibly sweet blog bestie..:)

  5. hahahaha!! Lol at the gymnastics oh! Honestly, no need for gym! This was an interesting read. Glad to meet you (handshake here). And thanks for checking my blog out and following! Yay! Right back at ya!!


  6. OMG where re u from ur so funny. I remember that mouka foam advert wen i was a kid lol... nice one Nonye

  7. LMAO @ MOUKA foam gymnastics. lool
    U are very much allowed my.

    Thanks for the blog award dear. Appreciate

  8. I love shoes too. Red, blue, green, yellow, purple. Gladiators, pumps, platforms, peep toes, sandals. Shoes make the clothes rock!

  9. Thank you sooo much Cornershop, Chizy ad Dith! Mouka foam.....LOL

  10. lwkmd@mouka form........u re simply funny sha....
    @shoes..true talk ohhhh, still laffing

  11. @Nonye
    You are trying to entice the rest of us single gals to get married abi! Don't worry, soon.

  12. @Tisha: *wink*.... people did it to me too! LOL
    @Blessing: LOL glad u enjoyed the read