Thursday, April 14, 2011


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All below 70, get on your knees!

You would really be insensitive if you have not noticed the rate at which people are dying these days’ especially young people.  What happened to the promise God made to us concerning the number of our years? Didn’t He say 70 years? And 80 years by reason of strength?? (Psalm 90: 10)  I think this thing started in 2007 and has gradually continued to increase.  People no longer grow old, obituaries reading 60 yrs and less. The fear of who’s next stings me every once in a while, which is why am writing about it now and I sincerely pray that this post changes the life of someone.

I was in a meeting last week Thursday when my phone rang and it was my sister, she said my childhood friend and neighbor was dead, a trailer crushed the vehicle he was traveling in. Two nights ago, my friend put up the picture of a very cute lady on his BBM…. The lady was dead too! 31 yrs, breast cancer. So I ask, what is going on?  I strongly believe that young people need to return to God, we’ve strayed somewhere and somehow.  ’m not saying that these people who died are guilty of any sins in particular but it’s clear that the devil is attacking our generation and we’re all too busy chasing fashion, music, gadgets and fame!

Its almost as if technology has drained our sanity, young people know too much these days and our parents are old school…we no longer listen to them when they admonish us. But hey! Watch it!  I don’t know if this could be another reason we’re losing our young and vibrant friends but a scripture readily comes to my mind “Exodus 20:12 Honour your father and your mother THAT YOUR DAYS WILL BE LONG …. Eph 6:2 this is the only commandment with a promise” I don’t know who you are but someone is gonna need to call their father or mother to make things right again.

I really have no answers to give, I only think we should re-consider our ways, and this is not by going to church but by living everyday knowing that we’re in a race and we would one day reach an ultimate destination – heaven or hell is completely ours to choose. We need to get our minds back and not lose the heaven consciousness.  When you drive, remember Christ, when at work, remember heaven, when you talk, consider the Holy Spirit, whatever you do, keep God at the centre…….Get on your knees and pray!
Enjoy this soul lifting song: Moving Forward

.......Help me with a TITLE!

First, never again will I make a promise not be away from blogville for too long cos even when I mean to keep it, things just keep coming up and it makes me feel like a liar liar (which I try not to be).

Eemmm, where do I begin today's post? Ok! the Friday before the cancelled elections, I had gone to the market straight from work to get a few stuffs and as expected the market was very rowdy like Lagos was closing down.
On my way out o, na so one man from no where just came to my side and took a long look at my heavy chest and muttered to himself   "chai, see wetin my fellow man dey enjoy o". I heard him very clearly and I didnt know whether to laugh or get upset. I felt embarrassed and thought there was something wrong with the statement, so in the bid to validate my thoughts, I told my husband the story and he scattered laugh......he thought it was sooo funny. Well maybe now I do too. Oh! the pains of a booby queen!

Ehen, pls whats the big deal about someone's BIS expiring??? so what if reactivation fee is 'just' 3k, does that mean people are not allowed to be broke for a moment again? My friend's BIS expired and he was off for a day or 2 , when he re-activated, he said his BBM mysteriously disappeared from his phone, so that explains his 2days absence.. really? what kind of unnecessary talk is that? Last month my BIS was off for quite a while, but how did that  change who I am? I had a lot of pressing needs and I didnt realize I hadnt included blackberry in my budget for the month, it was my hubby who eventually paid the subscription. With more important issues like a deadline to make a payment for my car, buy one or two new things for the house, send  money for a very important need back home etc, should blackberry be my priority? I certainly missed it cos of how much my work was slowed down but excuse me people have been working before BB madness was unleashed. mcheeew!  If you're broke, you're broke, it doesnt mean its forever. Rich people get broke, banks get broke, countries get broke! ah ah!  People really need to stop attaching too much priorities to things that are trivial, life is already complicated, lets not make it worse.

Lets continue jare, my day job! (*sigh*) , I totally love what I do but sometimes I feel like there's so much more locked inside me... oh I know there is.  Restlessness in one's spirit is a sign not to ignore... the gift of a man really doth make ways for him, still trying to figure which of my gifts would make that way but you see, I sent my short story "Nnedi" to an editor and by the time she was done working on it, I thought Chimamanda had copied my work! LOL... seriously am thinking seriously, like seriously! Might this be the gift? I dont know o cos I dont consider myself that much of a writer especially when  I read Glory Edozien and Wana Udobang's stuffs on BN. God helep!

*sure you know hardly edit so forgive any typos or complete olodoism*