Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Am going away to have another papa!

Just going away for grandma's burial :) I'll post what I can from the villa otherwise chill till I return with loads of pictures....

And yes, God has given me more than my expectation.... On Sunday May 15, 2011, on our way to church we tuned in to Inspiration FM and TD Jakes was on. I got lost in the message and felt like I was in church already. He prophesied  that in 8days time, somebody would see God come through for him/her, I quickly grabbed the word and held it tight. I think I only remembered it once during the week and tried not to be anxious. In exactly 8days, I was headed to the bank to pay for a car we had not at all imagined. All this time my hubby and I had been trying to save to get me a golf or something as small and affordable but somehow other things kept getting in the way. We finally decided we would sell our old car and get something better that we could both use...to cut a long story short, we got this car without having to sell our old! God indeed blesses us exceedingly abundantly above ALL that we ask or think.

Someone needs to hang in there, God will surely come through for you! and while you're trusting God, be grateful for what He has given already.. dont let your needs pause your praise! Stay blessed!

ChiDynma - Obimmo

Super tight video from my high school mate ..repping us welller! Go gurl!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good and sad...well not so bad

Birthday Sisi
Cake from Hubby
It was my bday yesterday and I had as much fun as I could handle.... on my desk at work! The only different thing I did besides work was see a movie I had been dying to see - Mirror of Life (yeah Nigerian movie, shoot me!) Went to see my sister afterwards and went home. No party, no dinner (yet). So thats the good part.... am glad to be alive and almost 30!

The sad part is that my grandma is dead! yeah the same one I spent 2005 valentine eating groundnuts with. You know I always said my saddest day would be anyday my mum dies, and then she died...I still havent fully recovered from loosing that woman's love.. And just early this year, I told my hubby that if anything happened to my granny am not sure how I'll cope, I didnt even want to think about it...but hey, she was old and really frail so its farewell my darling, funny and super woman grand mother. It is believed that am a re-incarnate of her mother, I dont share in those believes tho....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

By fire, by brimestone..... me sef I be wife material!

First lemme thank my blogville bestie HoneyDame  for checking up on me and actually driving me to do a post today...thanks gurl!

This was something that happened at about this time last year. My boyfriend's cousin  who we shall call Okonna had just broken up with this very fine calabar babe...reason: she wasn't a typical calabar girl. She would come around on weekends and never help out with anything. I think on one occassion she saw me cooking and said something like 'hmmm u dey try o", anyways she was fired and she's not the topic of this post.

Few weeks down, Okonna comes to me with his phone, shows me this babe's photo and goes like "I'm feeling her right now", before I could give a response, O'babay was in the house for weekend! Oya na! Like say she been dey there when my bobo and Okonna dey tear the calabar girl with mouth say she no sabi do anything, this new yoruba girl Atinuke took charge!
I was in my house that weekend and boyfriend had come to see me, next thing I heard him and my sisters laughing so hard, I quickly paused my movie and ran into the room, he was on the phone with Okonna. Apparently Atinuke had gone to market, bought several kilos of turkey and made this killer yoruba stew plus a pot of fresh egusi soup and beans/plantain for breakfast the next day! Gengen!! wife material don land! As was expected, Okonna didnt move an inch out of the house that weekend, it was a choppyson weekend.

Meanwhile I couldnt wait to see this new babe.....after work on Monday, as amebo wey I be,I rushed to my bobo's office and followed him home, on getting there, I saw someone clad in a complete winter outfit, and I mean head gear inclusive,I looked around the house again before walking closer to see her face well.....hmmmmmm was all I could say to myself. Meanwhile as was expected, dinner was ready. After introductions, I proceeded to boyfriend's room and then to his bathroom.....small confusion come catsh me dia, he had been at work all day, how come there were freshly laundered clothes lined up in the bathroom and since when did the bath curtain rail turn hanging line? I looked at the clothes again, his boxers, inner shirts, polos etc...long and short be say O'babay left her new bobo's room, enter my own bobo room, come go im laundry basket, carry im underwear go wash! Chei! trespassing! omo, fear grip both Okonna and my bobo. As we dey march go parlour, na so we see Atinuke don pack all Okonna work shirt dey iron them one by one including the one laundry man don already iron. Next thing, she looked at us and went like"are you guys ready to have dinner?"....nna mehn! no see where grown men dey fear  food... I couldnt help the laugh that night, ehen na! shebi na them want wife material, behold one in thy abode! LOL.

The babe didnt stop there o! she took it even further. She went on a "friend request" spree on facebook, started adding everybody linked to my boyfriend and his cousin, home and abroad as long as there was a link....Trust my brother Okonna, the O'babay was fired too! for she had crossed the line! :) LOL!

And did I mention that this babe was in school then and still is......she go leave school for Osun State abi na Ogun, come dey follow man for Lag!