Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good and sad...well not so bad

Birthday Sisi
Cake from Hubby
It was my bday yesterday and I had as much fun as I could handle.... on my desk at work! The only different thing I did besides work was see a movie I had been dying to see - Mirror of Life (yeah Nigerian movie, shoot me!) Went to see my sister afterwards and went home. No party, no dinner (yet). So thats the good part.... am glad to be alive and almost 30!

The sad part is that my grandma is dead! yeah the same one I spent 2005 valentine eating groundnuts with. You know I always said my saddest day would be anyday my mum dies, and then she died...I still havent fully recovered from loosing that woman's love.. And just early this year, I told my hubby that if anything happened to my granny am not sure how I'll cope, I didnt even want to think about it...but hey, she was old and really frail so its farewell my darling, funny and super woman grand mother. It is believed that am a re-incarnate of her mother, I dont share in those believes tho....


  1. I expected a post from ‎​you. You sure had some fun cos your cake is sweet....!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy belated birthday.
    Sorry to hear about your loss {{hugs}}

  3. Happy birthday!! But sorry about your Grandmom. May God be with you guys


  4. Thanks Gbemi and Adiya!!! much love!

  5. So sorry about your granny, may her soul RIP.
    How can I shoot for watching naija movie when I'm a queen of naija movie myself..yes o...original nollywood "Lolo" :D

  6. Oh, happy birthday dearie may your life be filled with sweetness now and always :)

  7. Sounds like you enjoyed your bday. That cake looks yium!