Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunshine Award...

Thank you so much Myne Whitman!! So as instructed to "Please keep the blessing going by gifting 10 people with the award letting them know their contribution to bloggersville is appreciated and what they have to say matters." I'm tagging the following people....

1. HoneyDame  - She totally cracks me up and yeah she's my blog bestie :)

2. Myne Whitman - Not just another blogger! There's always something new to learn from her...and she's such a great writer too!

3. Muse - He's one of those people wasting spaces on blogville :) and I know he wont give a hoot about the award...but anyways am so madly in love with him! You should visit his blog when you feel a bit poetic..

4. Sisi Yemmie - This babe will give comediennes a run for their money any day!!

5. Enybee _ Everything about her blog will remind you of Christ!

6.Adiya - She's a blogger with a difference! Sometimes I wish I had a much more focused vision for my blog like she does

7. Dith - This one na original "asa mpete/asa baby" the babe likes herself eh!! and I like her too :)

8.Natural Nigerian - Every time I feel like cutting my hair and joining the Brazilian troop I just visit her blog and am proud of my dreads again!

9Nutrition Alert - The blogger we need in these days of strange sicknesses.... she puts me in check health-wise!

10.Pretty Lashes - There's just something I love about her blog...

11. Love 'n Words She just has a message for the world! love love love her!

There are countless other blogs I love... pls tag them for me :)


  1. Wow Nono, I came by this blog when ‎​you hadn't finished,I think ‎​you posted by mistake and I almost commented( "Nonye pls complete your blog)...didn't know you'd include moi. Thanks a lot, I never really think I'm a good blogger with the likes of...I won't mention names.
    ‎​you always get ‎​​me laughing when I read some of your post, though I don't comment always. I L♥√ع that one about muse and I'm sure ‎​you did justice to him there :D.
    I go try my best on this one o! Not good with tagging people at all! LOL


  2. Tanx Enybee!!! well go ahead and tag others, there's not much to it! lol!

  3. got some of the people I was lamenting I couldn't out in. Lovely blogs! Thanks for mine!

  4. Awwwww Nonye....thanks!!! I LOVE your blog, your jokes and the hilarious peeks you give us into your life. Love you too, darling! Also, yayyyy @ being encouraged to keep your locs. They look great. Natural hair rocks!!!!

    I am also a Myne Whitman fan; she is definitely a great writer.

    Hmmmmm @ tagging the love of your life, Muse. All I can do is wink and say "Carry on!"

    P.S. If this appears more than twice, I apologize. I've had trouble commenting :(

  5. shame i couldn't read the post cos of some funny widget obstructing my view. Don't know if it's just me considering everyone else commenting was able to read the post

  6. sorry chizy! meanwhile does your blog have a kind of setting which restricts views?? have been trying to access but cant...