Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's in My Bag?!

Hmmm this one is funny! LOL I was tagged by Dith to empty my bag which I have done below. I usually carry much bigger bags but for una own good I decided to empty a not so big one cos trust me I carry around all manner of strange things in that thing called a hand bag.....and yes all those contents fit into the bag shown :)

My bag is a hand crafted one from Senegal...hubby saw it while we were on honeymoon, totally fell in love with it and got it for me.

very uninteresting contents!

1.  Cup - I carry it around cos I hate to leave things like that in the office and yeah I dont share!
2.  ID Card
3. Business Card Holder

4. Dove Cream (which I use as hand cream)

5. Hand Sanitizer
6. Palo Palo pocket tissue

6. Mentos Gum ( everyone needs it)
7.  Cash! I dont have a wallet so I just fold and throw money in the inner compartment :)
8.  Spoon o! (strange abi?), used to carry ground Cameroon pepper around too but when it was mistaken for jazz, I  stopped
10. Keys
11. Perfume
12. Sun glasses
13. USB drive ( you never know what you wanna copy)
14 Shoe shiner :)
15.ATM card ( carry just one!)

16. Folic Acid ( very important for ALL women of childbearing age!)

17. Black Berry EarPhones
18. Make up materials A.K.A ngwo ngwo ochonma!..

Am particularly tagging HoneyDame ....but everyone else should please feel free to empty theirs too!!!


  1. The contents are rather interesting and very necessary too. But I will not carry my folic acid in my bag, I prefer keeping it ina cool fry place/room temperature.

    Aha! In addition to the ngwo ngwo ochonma and some other items I spoted in your content lists, I have a hair brush, 2 extra hair pins and hair band in my bag. Am ashamed to declare this one- a baby wipes and extra pampas in my work bag! help!!!
    I love putting cash in wallets, I have one in my bag too.

    ** your bag is cute.

  2. The bag is cute, and looks small to take that cup, lol...Every woman and our make up sha...

  3. Lmaoooooo......bestie mi.....u wan open my nyansh for public,ba? I actually shud have done it a while ago bun I left my bus cord homenetflix cudnt transfer d pics frm d camera....I shall revenge soonest! Honeydame

  4. Omgcup?! N spoon? And pepper? Rotflmao....m with u on dat spoon one sha........na me again...honeydame

  5. Spoon?! Hahaha!! And shoe shiner?! Now this is def not boring!


  6. oh my that bag can fit all that...that's skill

  7. It's nice when you have a bag that you know would not be common. I like it!

  8. LOL!!!!Thank you all for your hilarious comments!

    @Myne and Chizy D: yes o, the bag contained everything... its not a purse na, its actually sizeable, maybe the photo didnt do it much justice..plus my make up actually goes into its own small bag :)

    @CornerShop, LOL spoon is the strangest thing in my bag but it comes in handy especially at work.

    @Nutrition alert: Pampers?? for what o? LOl pls convert me! yeah I do carry baby wipes once in a while...but not hair combs and brushes as my hair is locked and I only need hair brush when its due for interlocking.

    @Adura: thanks luv!!

    @HoneyDame, my bestie my bestie...I cant wait to see your contents o! and I rebuke every spirit of content editing! LOL!!! forget my pepper o! used to be very necessary back then

  9. spoooooon??????!!! Lol!!! you are one crazy girl!! hahahahahaha Vjj.

  10. @ Anonymous 5:08 : wetin???? I was on my own they said I shd empty bag... eh these are the contents na! Lol!!! yeah yeah I carry that spoon around!

  11. Nonye, Cameroon pepper ke? LOL! And I thought I had earned the title of Akpa Dibia. I relinquish it to you.