Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Re-Post....LET THEM WALK! Oct. 2010

 Ok I did this post last year and for lack of what to put up today, i decided to re-post for the benefit of those who didnt read it then.... very true life story of "yours truly" in fact! Tmr I'll put up two of my short stories.  Yay! Myne Whitman would love me for that! :)

Jan  2009  - I walked into GHartel looking really fab, heads turned and there were whispers around, some too loud above my head. Wow! it felt really good to be a Nigerian. I had heard how guys here thought Nigerian babes were  fabulous dressers, and oh I tried to rep that!

So I finally meet this Mr. Near-Perfect, who was one of the managers, my friend who sent me to him had said he wont make a move on me if he was already with someone, he was that perfect! Anyways we chatted away, I gave him my passport details and CV,narrated my immigration plight with the sincere hope that their company would do something about my work permit. Apparently our guy was feeling your chic and so we headed off to Churcheez for lunch and there the game began. Dinner after dinner, movies after movies and we were a 'thing'. Finally I asked about his girl and he didnt lie but didnt totally tell the truth. Big deal! I just needed something to distract me frm my current situation...but alas I ended up feelin up this dude.I thought he was really cool and smart, you know had the complete package any woman would want.

Given our new bond/attachment, I became more curious as to the true state of things between him and these this girls in his life. He continued to 'post' me. I remember getting home one night and confronting my friend in anger, "Paa you told me Fordsran was a decent guy, i'm dealin with the same thing u said wont happen,I swear to you Paa u dont know this guy". Finally I decided I was done being played with, but guy wont let go so we kept patching it and I continued hurting. Every time this particular babe called him they wld speak in their language and I would just stare, and to the second girl I was just his Nigerian friend, infact my number was saved on his phone as "Nonye Naija" as against the "Sweethrt and Bhoney" used in saving the other two. I wept so hard one very early morning to the point I smashed my phone on the wall, that moment I knew a nut had unscrewed somewhere in my head and it was time to go. Immigration Discrimination Bullshit + Man Crappiness = GO HOME!

To cut a long story short, I called him to say I was leaving and he went cold, next thing he said 'u know what? lets start all over again', hmmm, let me not even try to explain my rage.Well I transferred my anger to God and began to question Him, what sort of set up was this? in the midst of what I considered a trying time, you let this guy who I thought was a comforter come into my life and complicate issues, God why? I cried and cried, and finally I was back in Lagos. Amazingly, in less than 2 days I was soooo over with the guy. I couldnt even understand what I had seen in him in the first place, and to think that I was already begining to consider a long term thing between us. Oh! did I mention I found out he was engaged to "Sweethrt"!

(Well its all thanks to Fordsran for messing up me otherwise I wouldnt hv met my blazing 'Customized Boo' and fiance, Endy.)

Oct. 2010 - Na so I dey facebook last week and I got a message from my friend which started with "Brace Yourself For This" turned out my handsome,cool, smart and relationship hot mess ex boyfriend had defrauded his company and clients and had been fired, locked up in state CID, beaten and stripped of everything , includin his car, house etc....I couldnt believe it. This was the same man I thought was the best guy at his job, I mean I knew he had women issues but stealing kwa? I was shocked. This same man I cried and cried for, the one I considered "long term" thing with, the man on whose account I questioned God!  At first I felt he must have been set up but they say he wasnt, he actually commited the fraud. Maka Chi eh! when people walk out of our lives we need to go to God and say THANK YOU FOR TAKING THIS CURSE AWAY FROM ME!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the rains....

Wont I be super unfair to myself if I dont blog about the rains??? Oh yeah I live at Ajah and though I slept very peacefully on my bed, I had my fair share too. We drove in that rain, and had our car assume temporary canoe to navigate the otherwise normal lekki road. Very sad. I couldnt even go to work yesterday and oh well it was well worth it since hubby didnt go too! :)
My heart goes out to all those rendered homeless and to the families of every deceased person, may God console and strengthen you all. To those of us still living, pls live one day at a time and be grateful for the things that God has given you.

On a lighter note, Lagos State Govt shd probably rename Lekki - "Lakey" and Parkview - "Lakeview" :LOL!
Errrr emm.... the weather on Sunday was cold and errrrm conducive for some activities... so I tweeted " Toast to all babies made on July 10 in Lagos, we await your arrival in April 2012. Happy Implantation!" ( some pple have hijacked this already and put as their Facebook status!)

Pls, who is a Live-In-Lover??? I need rapid response!