Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the rains....

Wont I be super unfair to myself if I dont blog about the rains??? Oh yeah I live at Ajah and though I slept very peacefully on my bed, I had my fair share too. We drove in that rain, and had our car assume temporary canoe to navigate the otherwise normal lekki road. Very sad. I couldnt even go to work yesterday and oh well it was well worth it since hubby didnt go too! :)
My heart goes out to all those rendered homeless and to the families of every deceased person, may God console and strengthen you all. To those of us still living, pls live one day at a time and be grateful for the things that God has given you.

On a lighter note, Lagos State Govt shd probably rename Lekki - "Lakey" and Parkview - "Lakeview" :LOL!
Errrr emm.... the weather on Sunday was cold and errrrm conducive for some activities... so I tweeted " Toast to all babies made on July 10 in Lagos, we await your arrival in April 2012. Happy Implantation!" ( some pple have hijacked this already and put as their Facebook status!)

Pls, who is a Live-In-Lover??? I need rapid response!


  1. hahahahahahah!!!!!!! you've come again o!!!

    Live In Lover na girlfriend or boyfriend wey dey live with the lover...


  2. Live in Lover is when two unmarried people live together...say one moves in with the other...

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  6. Live-in with respect to lovers are for people in sexual relationships (irrespective of sex/gender combination) who are too lazy and or do not value each others feeling enough to take their relationship to the next level.

    Well some say its with the aim to save money for the "big" thing: which in 90% of the time never comes.

  7. and did i forget to say that it reminds me of live-in-conditioners......lol!

  8. Live in lovers... Co_habiters, guy and babe living together illegally, two supposed lovers without a right(legal right) to call each other husband and wife but practising the act daily LMHO Nonye u don come again abi? Wetin de,abeg bring the gist on o!

    Btw, I will be in Ajah come April to celebrate the twins as una no even go work yesterday e mean say na "quadruplet" una go born.
    About the flood,I ​​​am still so angry that I cried cos my friends sister was locked into a 6ft river in her house in total blackout, so sad I think! Lord have mercy is all I can say....
    Well done babes

  9. Hahahhaha... i trust my Naija people.. lol... If u've been looking for the fruit of the womb, July 10, would be been ur day.... lol

  10. @Eno: abi i lie??? @ Seshe: gbam!! right on point my dear!

  11. Good to know that the rains worked out well for you, it was not funny for me cos I couldn't reach home. Live-in lover are people is a lover who lives with someone although not married.

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  12. During the rains of last year, an Indian friend of mine who was new to lekki actually asked me if Lekki was called lekki because if its lakes. Guess he thought the spelling was 'Lakey' too. The pictures of the flooded roads are awe inspiring and sad. sigh..Naija

    Sofry Sofry dey make the babies and stay safe!

    You are invited to fill out this questionnaire. Thank you - http://sicklecellinnigerian.blogspot.com/2011/07/have-your-say.html

  13. Nonye ​​​am watching a documentary now and I heard that two men or two women can have a "live in relationship" so doesn't matter on the gender

  14. Haha!!! Nice twitter update lol. My heart goes out to them all oh. God dey

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  15. Nonye, you this woman sha! LOL...

  16. @Myne: what did I does now?? :) Lol!
    Enybee: I just wanted to be sure.....
    Muse: Abi o!
    Ginger: Flesh and blood didnt reveal to your indian friend!
    @ilola: thanks for dropping by! am following too!