Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet reigning Miss Nigeria UK - Chichi Okafor

Crowned queen on Dec 12, 2010 at the Porchester Hall, Paddintong/Bayswater, Chi-Chi has kept same personality.

In this exclusive chat with me, she admits "I'm a crazy queen...same way I was before I won the crown, nothing has changed". Truly she is crazy and funny too! I know I had an overdose of laughter chatting away with this young and fabulous beauty queen with a difference!

Beautiful inside out, Chi-Chi is passionate about blood donation and tells how important it is for everyone to be actively involved.

As a diaspora queen, she hopes to give back to Nigeria by opening a clinic that gives free care to babies...

She looks forward to sharing her beautiful experience with the next queen.....says her most memorable time so far was having dinner with the head of chancery,Nigeria High Commission...

ChiChi describes her fashion style as simple, decent and classy!



  1. Gorgeous chick!!! Are u related?

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  6. Thumbs up Nonye. The girl is all you said and more. Someone to look out for in the future. Keep doing your thing.

  7. Na u biko! Exclusive chat with a pageant someborri, I carry nyansh troway for u o. how are u holding up jare? And when will u chat with me too as per Miss Nigeria of my House (what, you dont believe me? Oya axe my mommy!)


  8. LOL HoneyDame!

    Lovely interview oh. She sounds like fun

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  9. She's looks very lovely, and I loved her comments too. Loved the boots on her third pic.

  10. Nonye Nonye!! na u dey happen now o! lol! the babe is tight! Bujau.

  11. bebe toh bad jare!

  12. Opening an hospital? Is she studying medicine or sth? I actually find her very interesting.

    I'm now ffg your blog. Please check out mine

  13. thank you eveyone for your lovely comments, i do appreciate@ MsJB im not studying medicine im studying nursing but i really want to open a hospital when im older its a must do on my list.