Friday, September 9, 2011

Lazy Post........

So I decided I wanted a new look (diff. from my dreads)…. I disturbed my colleague until she gave me directions to her stylist’s. Oya nah, time to do short hair, babe barely wove my thick dreads which I found strange, and next thing I knew I had on something that looked like a dew rag without the strap abi na rope….ghen ghen, bonding gel ( which I choose to call black gum) started the ultimate job of the day. One by one sliced pieces of weaves were being glued to my hair and in another hour I had a transformed look.

Back at the office I’m all excited and practically licking this colleague’s toes in gratitude for the semi – queen she had helped turn me into…I couldn’t have known what was coming! Barely 24hrs down my head was rioting against me! I could literally hear the root of my hair wailing and screaming at me to give her some breathing space.  As in, I can’t paint the picture here! I quickly grabbed one of those tiny combs with a long end …and tried to reach down to the root and met a serious rock! The dew rag!! I dug and dug and dug until I made a head way and then I began to ‘scroop’ (secondary sch. slang for scratch) the darn thing!

This morning, I look at the poor hair in the mirror, brush it up and whisper “one week down, two more to go..Times are hard darling”