Friday, October 14, 2011

Lets Talk About Sex Baby!!

I personally see sex as something very sacred, something not to be messed with and something to do the right way, yes the right way! Now I know that many of us have faulted, we have at one point or the other abused it...well thats why we are human.

 Now, the commercialization of sex is stale gist so I wont even touch that. However I want to talk about a matter that has bothered me for sometime now. Last week I was discussing with my colleagues about marriage, sex, etc when one of the guys said he cant marry any lady until she gets pregnant for him. We argued back and forth and out of annoyance I told him "God will block that your sperm passage let me see how you'll give woman belle". I think what pissed me off was the fact that he didnt think there could be an issue with him, he kept saying he knew everything was fine with him but that he must "test commodity" before buying say afterall him nor be apapa warehouse where you can buy non-tested and you're on your own. Painfully, our women are giving in to these kind of guys everyday! I have heard about so many babes who gave in to that pressure and while some went well, others went bizzare. Why would you as a man or woman allow anybody put you under pressure to have sex??? Nor be you get shop and key?+ the right to open for business when you like....why is it that bad as market be, we nor dey quick differentiate between these window shoppers and who wan buy market? And please dont get my post twisted, I am in total agreement with God's word that says WAIT! but if you are going to sin, why do so on someone else's terms and condition? mba nu! makes no sense at all.

I also hear there is the group of men who make ladies do family planning when they are not married to them, what madness! A hot argument started sometime ago in my school group on bb when someone posted this gist about about a lady who was pregnant and not sure how to tell her bobo. Reason? they had been on family planning and she was supposed to have renewed within that period but didnt, and didnt tell the kakpooom! baby entered! Her major worry was that she knew the guy would ask her to abort but she also knew that he would use the abortion against her in future. So why not have your baby? she doesnt want to loose the guy+she's not financially and mentally prepared to have a child! Interesting times we live in! How can someone who is not ready to die set out for war? You nor want pikin, yet you lay down, spread leg, allow some man pour pikin-making liquid into you and you dont want pikin?

In short, just like paracetamol, we've over abused sex!

Blessed weekend!