Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Post is Rated 18!

I was chatting with my friend Ugo on Facebook last week,  one talk led to another and we were on the topic of sex and women. I had never before now given a thought to throwing such discussion open but when our chat got really interesting my friend suggested I do a post on it. Ok so I'm married and still  relatively new in the game but  truth is, I dont think I really do enjoy the actual "humping" as much as I do other acts. I love love love making out with my hubby, kissing, cuddling etc but when it comes down to 'that', I see it as my own treat for him.

Now I understand how this bothers men to think that they make all that effort and their wives dont 'enjoy' it? but I feel like a lot of women lie to their men, most of us dont actually enjoy penetration the way those pornagraphic demons moan and make us believe. And I think we should ban pornography not just because it is morally and spiritually wrong, but also because it misleads men, such that when their women don't react the way those girls do, they think its a problem!

We should be open enough to our men  about what we really love and like, and we should as much as possible make them comfortable with who we are. I have my very special way of hitting the ultimate "G' and I told hubby from the beginning, so driving down that lane is a lot easier for me especially with my very able co-pilot! :) Basically, nor dey lie, if you no cum, no talk say u cum, and if you do, let the bad guy know!