Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Post is Rated 18!

I was chatting with my friend Ugo on Facebook last week,  one talk led to another and we were on the topic of sex and women. I had never before now given a thought to throwing such discussion open but when our chat got really interesting my friend suggested I do a post on it. Ok so I'm married and still  relatively new in the game but  truth is, I dont think I really do enjoy the actual "humping" as much as I do other acts. I love love love making out with my hubby, kissing, cuddling etc but when it comes down to 'that', I see it as my own treat for him.

Now I understand how this bothers men to think that they make all that effort and their wives dont 'enjoy' it? but I feel like a lot of women lie to their men, most of us dont actually enjoy penetration the way those pornagraphic demons moan and make us believe. And I think we should ban pornography not just because it is morally and spiritually wrong, but also because it misleads men, such that when their women don't react the way those girls do, they think its a problem!

We should be open enough to our men  about what we really love and like, and we should as much as possible make them comfortable with who we are. I have my very special way of hitting the ultimate "G' and I told hubby from the beginning, so driving down that lane is a lot easier for me especially with my very able co-pilot! :) Basically, nor dey lie, if you no cum, no talk say u cum, and if you do, let the bad guy know!



  1. LMAo!!! Trust you to come back in style!!!! FB no gree me sign in o odawise, you sabi me, I for don decorate your wall.
    This topic get as e be hehehehehehehe... I totally agree with you though. The cuddling and foreplay gan-gan na the koko!
    Like I said, all that motion wey be like when shell dey drill for oil.... e get as e be..but then, what do I know?
    Amen to telling the giving the co-pilot directions. Saves a lot of hiccups and potential turbulences...Just put everything on cruise....I hail thee, original Bia and sleep!!

    U need to stop pulling a disappearing act. *cuts eye for you*

  2. Ehmmm...I beg to disagree sha. Me I enjoy the humping o, men...that stroking tooo bad o..

    whispering, shey this is 18+? OK.

    I agree with you on being open to your hubby or partner on what floats your boat, but I think more women should be open minded. Try new things, new positions, new styles, new mindset. As they say, the brain is the biggest sex organ. Most times, when the woman is in the mood, and there has been foreplay, the V will be very receptive and almost itching for that pump action. A good lubricant also comes in useful for me for longer stay power.

  3. I agree with you about being open to your partner. I never used to enjoy sex and just like you I preferred all that came before the coupling. I thought there was more to love making. Things only changed when I became more open we were able to try so many things to get our rhythm. Now, I am so in love with the strafing too.

  4. I love, love humping:) I second Myne 's suggestions. I do however, know a lot of women who do not enjoy intercourse. I'm sure that this would be problematic in a relationship especially if you are with a man with a raging libido.

    Being honest with our partner is absolutely necessary. Lying about things is not conducive and will not solve anything. I don't know why people do that.
    All the best

  5. Chei!!!! these women have finished me o!!!!!! I'm loving the openness here!

    @Honeydame: wetin Facebook get against you o???? you can mail me na! lol! dont worry I'm seriously working on the disappearing acts attitude....

    @Myne: hmmmm this is a very different Myne! I couldnt stop laughin!

    @Okeoghene: Lol@straffing! I soooo agree with u jare!

    Kitten: all you members of the humpers club! lol! totally loving ur mindset!

  6. Nonye!!! u have scatter finish! LMBO! I agree with all the comments here and yes most women really dont enjoy penetration and it doesnt mean they are abnormal. Men naturally enjoy sex more than women do.

  7. Hmm! Children, sorry *adults*, done spoil finish. ;).
    Very instructive!!!
    Make I run before my madam catch me hia.

  8. I think alot of men are also having issues with erectile disfuction the case of under 40s not being able to hold an erection past 5 mins is rising in Nigeria. All this is not unconnected with the fact that because they want to show that they are young men they go arround waisting there sperms and when its time to do show that they ar men the equipment and there bodies fail them. We to need to understand that the sperm is a protein and it takes a while to build up plus the kind of sedementry and unhealthy life style a lot of men in Nigeria are involved in leaves a ,lot to be desired.

  9. LOL at pornographic demons. I like this post jare. Word!!!

    Muse Origins FB

  10. openness is d key thing...am so much loving dis topic o....personal i like d curdling, kissing, sucking everywhere.. buh i dont like d penetrating aspect

  11. Well said! But then, it's all a thing of the mind. You can enjoy it if you really want to. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, especially in marriage.

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