Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

So this might be my last post for 2011....not sure yet but given the activities I have lined up, I doubt I'll have time to blog except of course I have to do so using my phone (which I find very tedious). Boy! am I ready to rumble????!! you bet I am!! I would be traveling to two states and I look forward to each trip and pray God for joiurney mercies all through.

In preparation for January 2012, I have gone shopping and stocked my home with enough food to last us two months sef, you know as January dey be, long and dry....I will also leave some money aside in my account lest I come back to Lagos broke! Abeg if you haven't set aside January money, do sooooo! cos nobody dey get money to lend anybody o!

Oya na, have a very beautiful Christmas holidays sweethearts and don't forget the reason for the season remains Christ!!! Pls don't over indulge, don't drink and drive....keep the Holy Spirit close!!  Happy New Year in advance! Luv you all!

Friday, December 2, 2011

One Year After.....

So it was my one year wedding anniversary last Sunday and I had so much planned for the day but things came in between. I had to see my sister-in law in school to drop off something and it was quite a trip, got ill on the way and back home I felt crazy! Basically hubby and I could only get lunch together and both slept thru the afternoon. In the evening he got a gift from me in kind and by the next morning he reciprocated with a beautiful black Marc Jacobs bag.

Below are a few lessons marriage has taught me:

1. Don't talk about everything you see or hear

2. Never ever compare your marriage with another's. You have no clue what goes on in other people's homes.

3. Each marriage has its own template. Do not edit another person's own, create yours.

4. When it comes to in-laws, allow wisdom to truly be profitable to direct

5. Pray for your spouse!

6. Secrets can kill a marriage

7. Money and Sex are two primary reasons couples divorce!!

8. Never let an issue linger longer than it should. Give the devil no room!

9. Respect your spouse

10. Be accountable to one another.

I know there are surely many more lessons to learn and I pray to God to help me not miss a thing!

Happy anniversary to Muse and I!