Tuesday, December 11, 2012

That Stuff I Dont Like!

I drew my inspiration from Sisi Yemmie 's video on YouTube.  So here goes, that stuff  I hate!

1. I detest jealous people! Something good happens to someone and instead of being happy for them, you see only the negative aspect and take it as an opportunity to give unsolicited advice. I'll give two examples:

a.) I remember once I was on leave and wanted to take a vacation to Ghana, I mentioned it to my sisters and they were super excited and started booking things I should get for them. Then from no where, my cousin (who has never been outside the country)  started discouraging me and saying I could use the money for 'better' things and chill in Lagos. It wasnt like I was spending a dime on accommodation or food, she just was so bothered about me making the trip and it became clear she was jealous. That is that stuff I don't like!

b.) My colleague recently got a job and mentioned it to someone who has also been looking for another job, and the first thing this guy says to him is " hope the new place has prospects, you know its not always about money" like what the heck! Say congrats first, show some excitement, "hey congrats man! happy for u, so which company" etc and then chip in your advice (if absolutely necessarily or solicited!).  And then suddenly this guy starts giving him a cold attitude! what nonsense? I hate it!

2. I hate people who pry into other people's privacy. Do NOT go through my phone just like that! If i don't have that kind of relationship with you please dont touch my phone! Another example, I have a colleague who is infamous for going through people's text messages, yahoo chats and BB chats. Like everybody in the office knows he does this! People like this want to know everything in your life but say nothing about theirs. Its annoying! I dont like that stuff.

3. Beggy beggy. If you see something on me, it means I'm still using it right? feel free to say hey Nonye I like this, dash me na, (I may be willling to give it out) but pls don't start calling, texting, BBMing and pressuring me to give you. If I simply laughed or smiled the first time you asked, then I'm not giving you.

4. Men who act like women. I don't like men who involve themselves in petty matters, concentrate on main issues bro and leave us women to deal with our tinini tananas!

5. Boots and Ass Lickers! Whether its your boss' ass or spouse' ass, ass licking is ass licking! Stop licking, you'll get infected with germs! Boot lickers = Eye Service folks = People with SEVERE case of low self esteem! Who cares if I'm the boss' right hand man? As long as I do what I should, I don't give two fecks about being your puppet sir/madam!

6. I don't like it when someone feels too important and then I find out you're nothing. Its better I think you're nothing then discover later how important you are...shogbo? I dont like it!

Will stop here for today... Friday I continue my Friday Friday tonic. Bless people, bless!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Heeeeeeey!!! I promised to be back on wednesday right> (hides face in shame)...I'm sorry! 

Anniversary went wellllllllll! couldn't have asked for better! I had a meeting that day and on my way got a call from some guy saying he was asked to deliver cake to me *sobs* I asked him to drop it with the front desk officer which he did. I got to the office to meet the very beautiful red velvet cake sent to me by none other than my very own special tomly tomly plumplum! In addition I got a very beautiful wristwatch. My baby is the best and stays tripping me!!!!

Have a blessed week y'all. I'll be talking about "that stuff I don't like" on Friday...dont miss it!

Friday, November 23, 2012

In the spirit of Anniversary 2

Gonna be real quick with this, I need to dash out!

Anniversary is next week, yaaaaaaay!!!!! Like I can't wait to see what I'll be tripped with this time! I can even say it has already begun, my plumplum just gave me some doe to refresh my wardrobe! Can I call that the teaser? yippppppieeeee! 

You see, its such a difficult task trying to pick out just one out of the so many things he does to make me happy. Btw, have I said it that my husband is a very annoying person?? Dayuuuum! When ND wants to piss you off, he really pisses you off till you piss on yourself! Make no mistakes about my praises of him, I do not have a perfect marriage nor a perfect husband, but I have a man who is never afraid to say he is sorry! A man who wants to do the right thing no matter how many times he feels like he's let himself or other people down. My husband wants to die knowing he has been a great father and did not fail in his role as a husband. Now I may not say this very often but I totally adore Ifeanyichukuwu Onuoha! He is my dream come true, my friend and my brother (he hates it when I call him my brother!)

I don't know how many men do this, but most times when I get back from work really tired, he tells me to freshen up and go to bed while he sees to bathing and feeding our baby. Every other morning, he baths the baby while I prepare and pack his snack or lunch. I remember two weeks back,I felt really ill, he kept persuading me to stay home and rest while he drops off the baby at the creche on his way to work. He's part of every single thing around the house (which I sometimes find annoying sha). Oh well..... I shall be back next Wednesday to give ya the popori of the anniversary! I just hope aint gonna be flaging the red then.. #okbye

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In the spirit of anniversary.....

Its our 2years wedding anniversary this month yay!!!!!!  Ok to mark this year's anniversary, I'll be blogging all  month about my hubby! yes ooo my sweet poraro!

People ask me what marriage has been like and I say from my heart, beautifullllllllll!!! Its not always rosy, I mean we have our moments like every normal couple but in totality marriage has been a wonderful experience. My hubby is so kind and does the sweetest things to make me happy. I'll share one episode today. My birthday this year.

Errr ok, so I was away during the period, I had just given birth  two weeks before, in fact I had a clinic appointment that day. when I got to the GP and spoke with the front desk lady, she looked at my details and went "oh happy birthday!, so how you celebrating?" I said I'm just gonna get to the City Centre with my baby and my friends for a drink. After seeing my doctor I left. I called my friends to hook up and they conveniently moved the outing to the following day which was Saturday but promised to come around later in the evening.  So I went home.

Later in the evening my flat mate Aimha came home a bit earlier than usual and you know we exchanged yabs as was our style but he never said happy birthday and then I asked, and he was like "oh? its ur bday? sorry o! Happy bday Mama Dubem". I went into my room and busied myself with responding to FB messages when I noticed my flat mate was going up and down the house. I called out and asked him why he was perambulating, he said his heater was bad and he was trying to fix it. Some minutes later he called me into his room where he was kneeling by the heater and asked me to go downstairs into the sitting room and get him some screws on the table. I obediently went downstairs and when I opened the sitting room door, I almost collapsed! I just heard a million voices shout "Happy Birthday"!!! and the lights came on!

To cut a long story short, my hubby and my sis from another mother Helen had planned the party, even my doctor knew!!!!! Everyone except me knew! When I called to ask my friends out for a drink, they were busy cooking! It was such a beautiful thing, I just wished my hubby was around to get a mighty hug from me! .....This is just episode one! come back next week for more *wink*

I actually ran into the kitchen

Diff cam lights flashing on my face eh!

Birthday present from my husband +some really nice make up i didnt take pictures of

My flatmate Aimha!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Rejected or Unappreciated??

Which is worse, rejection or not being appreciated?

You get a job, throw yourself into it, work your a** off and your efforts slide through unnoticed. Or maybe noticed but so what? who gives a hoot? At the end of the day someone else may even get the praise for something you worked so hard to make happen.  Another scenerio, you're the one who makes all the effort to grease this friendship, you make the calls, visits etc and the friend feels its okay for you to be the one doing all that, or maybe they don't even notice your efforts. Now the most painful one, you get in a relationship or marriage, pour yourself into it, do everything to make your spouse happy, play roles that should not necessarily be yours to play and you do this happily but this spouse barely notices or feels its your duty. You have a new hair cut, your spouse is the last to notice, you shed that birth weight, everyone else commends you but your husband is the last to notice! Sucks right? yeah sucks!

Here's what:  People will not always appreciate the things you do, people will not always accept you, but if you choose to sacrifice, make sure its for a worthy cause. For some people the reason they sacrifice may be their children, long term career goal or whatever. But whatever you do, make sure the sacrifices your make are for a worthy cause. There's a very thin line between sacrificing and compromising your own self and standard. Bosses will not always say well done, but if you're going to bear the pains and keep working anyways, make sure you have a very clear big picture. That way the feeling of not being appreciated becomes really little.

On my earlier question, I'll rather be rejected than not be appreciated. Its better you reject me from the start, than bring me in and make an idiot of me and rubbish whatever efforts I make to keep things going.

I know this isn't my usual style of talk but hey TGIF Ya'all!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Curse Of Hebrew Childbirth

Even if you are not a Christian I guess you would have at some point heard people claim the portion  of the Hebrew women in childbirth. "The Hebrew delivery is my portion" " I will deliver like the Hebrew women" etc.

What exactly do we call 'Hebrew Delivery'? Have we totally lost our minds in claiming and hoping for Hebrew Delivery? Few months ago, I had just returned from the hospital where I went for pre-natal check up and was chatting with my cousin. She asked how I was preparing for childbirth and I told her I was ready, next thing she said was " Nonye pls don't let those oyibo people cut you up o!, any small thing they'll do CS. Let me tell you, you will deliver like the Hebrew woman! because you are a daughter of Zion"  As in, for minutes I was staring at my phone like what the heck am I reading?  So if someone gives birth through CS its not Hebrew Delivery and you are not favored? excuse me! what is Episiotomy?? is it not an incision given on the vagina to widen it up for baby to gain enough exit space? Which in most cases is necessary for first childbirth. What happens after Episiotomy? the darn place is stitched back! so cutting and stitching back any part of the body is called what? Surgery! CS = cutting and stitching which is = Surgery!

How many women have died waiting for 'Hebrew Delivery'? Some women during labour are given very valid medical reasons why a CS will be absolutely necessary yet they insist on going vaginal, then something goes wrong with the mother or child and God is questioned! I'm not saying its a bad thing to trust God for vaginal delivery,I mean if that's what you want, by all means pray and trust Him! But if along the way there is a medical reason why you NEED to have your baby through CS, pls don't be stupid! Go ahead and have your child. The bible says God gives wisdom of witty invention, and medical science has improved greatly leaving us with many options for safe delivery, please don't be foolish, use them!

I had my baby vaginally and I have friends who had theirs through CS, for all I know all of us had Hebrew Delivery. We are all alive with our babies.

Hebrew delivery simply means mother alive, child alive!  Episiotomy o! CS o! all na surgery...only difference is location and what matters is that baby's cry is heard as well as mummy's voice.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally the video...HONEYWELL NOODLES COMMERCIAL:BAM BAM LALA....written by yours truly :)

If you missed the "5 Things You Didnt Know About The New Honeywell Noodles Ad." post, you can read it Here
Enjoy! TGIF!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Should The Exes Stick Around?

I hear people say an ex should remain an ex to avoid the risk of old flames being re-kindled, I quite agree but there is a BUT. My older sister believes that once her relationship with a guy is over, that is it! Its as good as she never met him. Not that they are enemies but there is no ground for any form of fraternity whatsoever. I say it has worked very well for her but it has not been the case for me. 
I happen to be friends with almost all my exes and I've been able to draw the lines especially being married. For instance I can't just pick up the phone and call an ex to gist except there is really something that needs to be discussed, and it must very important. I've had two exes who I helped make relationship decisions and one of them ended up marrying the lady...The exes I don't talk to are either too weak emotionally to handle being my friends or I clearly see them as mistakes I should never have made...(no pun intended).

Now to the interesting part, can you be friends with your spouse's ex? Again I say it is possible BUT..... ok here: I happen to be friends with two of my hubby's exes who are both married, one had been my friend before she dated my husband (I'm sure you already know the story), and the second one, I have not met but we talk. I think my relationship with this second person is based on how much my husband respects her and what I've found out for myself, he actually helped her design her wedding invites and she supported us during our wedding as well.  I equally have an ex my hubby wants to meet at all cost, he says from the way I've talked about him, he'd so love to meet him...the guy in question is a very hilarious character and our break up was even more hilarious (story for another day), we should have just been friends and friends alone from the beginning. I remember him helping me do a background check on a guy I was planning to date in school, and actually came back to tell me the guy was clean. On a very sincere note though, I have never sat down with any of my husband's exes with him present, if that ever happens, I'm not sure how I'd feel...awkward? indifferent? not sure at all.

So tell me, can you be friends with his ex?

Happy loooong weekend 9jairians!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Different shades of black...

 Last week I went with my husband to see some house agents and check out what houses were available, when we got to Ogba, we picked up an agent and headed for the first check. On our way the guy went "err oga o, where are you from again?" and my husband abruptly stepped on the brakes and yelled "oh not again". I got confused and turned to look at the agent to perhaps see if I could get an explanation but he simply turned away. I tapped my hubby, "what's going on? he only asked a question, why did you yell?" I was shocked at my husband's response. "Its not just a question, some landlords won't rent out houses to Igbos", to say that I was dazed is to put it lightly. I never ever imagined a thing like this going on in Lagos kwa!  I heard that even when the person is yoruba, some landlords want to know what state or area in particular. There's the discrimantion against the Ekitis and Ijebus....Ekiti because they are over educated and can not be manipulated, the Ijebus cos they are very similar to the Igbos in character. For real?!!!   And yet we are all blacks, all Africans, one Nigeria! 

While I was ranting and getting all worked up my husband said "look this thing is everywhere including the Igbos cos while we may not fight the non-igbos, we fight ourselves". He went on to remind me all the drama that surrounded our getting married for the simple fact that we don't come from the same part of Igbo land. My dad for instance seems to have this major phobia for my husband's people, and my hubby's own people hardly allow their children marry outsiders. Its such a big issue that we have one thing or the other against ourselves. The table below explains how we've stereotyped ourselves in Igbo land

Their women are domineering and unsubmissive. The men are traders and hardly go to school
Ngwa (Abia State)
Owerri, Mbaitoli, Ikeduru (Imo State)
Their women are loose and wayward, hardly last in marriage. The men are 419ners i.e. Ikeduru
Abiriba (Abia State)
Diabolic, polygamous, drug dealers and little or no respect for women
Mbaise (Imo State)
Greedy, slimy, crafty
Nsukka (Enugu State)
Local, timid
Local, timid
Mbano (Imo)
Dirty and Vulgar

And you know the funny thing? The Mbaise man will forget what he is 'known' for and discriminate against the 'Ngwa' man, which makes me wonder.  While there may be some truth to these perceptions we have of ourselves, it is silly to think that everyone is like that. Can we just love ourselves and push these things aside? is it possible that we can pretend that no one is perfect and accept one another? is it possible? Yes it is! it begins with you and I.

Nigeria is far from being one...we may be Africans, Nigerians, blacks and all, but our shades of black differ.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Before, During and After.....

I've been under a lot of pressure lately. People have pressured me into pressuring myself and now I'm pressured! LOL! You know how someone sees you and goes wow you've lost all that pregnancy fat, how did you do it? Another person will see you and shout chineke Nonye you now look like mama! Its so confusing and overwhelming., like I dont know what to believe anymore. I'm under a lot of pressure to get back into shape and oh so lazy  to work out.. oh well I started to look at pictures before, during and after pregnancy to help me feel better. One thing I know is, our bodies are not the same and respond differently so I'm going to try hard to look good even if not in the same size I was before pregnancy.


I was actually a week pregnant here..



So thats it! You tell me....but I promise your comments wont pressure me more than I already am. (did I get that English right?)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Marry Me With Your Own Money

Today is not one of my best days blog wise cos I'm sooooo lost as to what I actually want to write but I'll just keep typing. (2hour pause). Ok! Since I still dont know what to talk about, I'll let you entertain me. So here, give me your honest opinion on the question below:

IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH A WOMAN SPONSORING HER WEDDING WHILE THE HUSBAND 'SUPPORTS'? would you as a woman be willing to do it for any man? and as a man would you be comfortable supporting a woman while she bears bulk of the financial burden??  Whatever your answer is, tell me why?

I wait!



Friday, June 29, 2012

There's a friend......

Aunty Helen and baby Dubem...leaving the hospital

Helen and baby dubby
It is not everyday we encounter people with hearts of gold, people who leave very positive indelible prints on our lives. I have come across good people and i have come across a good person. HELEN EGBE is one of the best things that happened to me. More than a decade i've known her and all she has been is good to me, even when I hurt her and our friendship was shaken, she forgave and let go. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and I can never tell the story of the birth of my son without her. From enduring my whines and bearing my every whim to being right there watching as I brought my son forth. While I may be a writer, words have failed me at this point, and all I can say is thank you so much Helen! my family will never ever forget, we will never.Thank u!!!

Helen in my delivery room

Us messing around

Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Things You Didnt Know About the new HONEYWELL NOODLES commercial

I'm sure most of us have seen the Honeywell Noodles TV commercial  making waves, where the children went after a certain hero and joins him in singing and choreography... now below are 5 things about that TV commercial that you didnt know:

1. Yours truly came up with that concept and the Bam Bam La La slogan....oh yes I did! me! Nonye!! *large smile*

2. The agency behind it is DP Partnership Ltd, subsidiary of Franchise Law and Kenneth. ...Expect more banging commercials from us

3. The lead character was initially supposed to be Mo'Cheddah but we needed a character that could cut across all geo-political zones and appeal to every market...using Mo'Cheddah might have been an issue in the North

4. Video was shot and produced in South Africa by Video Lounge Production House

5. My husband laughed me to shegee when I first came up with the Bam Bam La La line...I almost dropped it but boy! are we both glad I didnt?! you bet!

So there you have it....Blessed weekend ya'all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oyibo gbaa oku! (burn!)

Nigeria is one country i'm struggling to really hate, I want to hate this country but somehow the crush wont die....

Oyibo? Britico? Ndi ocha England? I dislike them! I definitely have a thing or two to learn from them and Nigeria wont turn out bad if we sat under their tutorial bench for a while BUT  i no like them and here's why:

Before now, I felt Britsh were too uptight albeit very efficient and straight forward people,I still feel so but I didnt know how badly insensitive and inhumane they were, and this is in addition to their paganism. How can someone fall down right in your eyes and to say common "sorry" go hard you? I even heard they sometimes say 'shame on you' when person fall, Wo! God help the damburuba that would have said that to me, azin me and you go tear brazie for bus stop.

Walahi I saw a lot of nonsense in the last 3months I spent in the UK. These people are total bonkom! itibonkom! komkom. Let me talk about this particular day. I went to Primark (the store after my heart!, yes I said it, fry!) I had walked in pushing my baby in his buggy and feeling very ok with myself as I headed straight for the "was 5pounds now 2pounds" section. Soon as I started picking out my fabies, my son reacted. One after the other he opened his eyes and next thing he was crying out so loud uncontrollably and I had to quickly rush towards the fitting room to try to sort him out. On getting there the qwi (que) was so long and I dumped the clothes on the floor, went down on my knees and started feeding him right there! When I looked up I saw a group of indians standing around me offering to help with whatever they could. What did these smell smell oyibos do? stand and stare at me! The kindest among them would just smile and walk past, mothers oo!  That was episode one. Episode 2: Here is a young mother struggling to get her buggy into the bus which had started moving slowly, rather than get up and assist me they all sit there giggling like something is tickling them under their skirts! Fastforward to episode 990 or so: my hubby and I hired a cab to take us to a hotel and the foolish man would not help put our things in the car! mba! we paid him to drive us not to pack our ngwongwo....Or have you tried shopping and the total came to 5.99 and all you had was 5.98? nobody dey leave 1pence for you o! Lagos conductors are much kinder! Anyways I don tire to type biko,time is money.

N/B: pls 'fee' free to judge me by the typos you see here and put urself on a very long thing!

Monday, May 14, 2012

So....here's why!

So I've been away for a very good reason! :)  I have plentttttyyyyy gist to give but I'll just summarize the bit I can for now.

Baby came on April 29, 2012 (somebody say halleluyah!).....so much drama around his birth. I was told in Lagos that I was having a girl so when I got to the UK I shopped all pinkies for my "girl".. a week or so to my due date I was to have a scan and the night before my hubby called to ask me how sure the sonographer back in Lagos was about baby's sex, i told him the guy sounded very sure. On the morning of the scan, just as I was about to step into the cab I got a call from my aunt and she said she had a funny dream that I had a boy, I laughed it off. Got to the hospital and scan saw male organs! baby came and na boy! so my boy is forced to wear pink clothes.....I'll tell the labour story in another post, check back on wednesday. Meanwhile my blog bestie Honeydame has been a bestie indeeed not just words!!! she has continued to call and check up on us....so you see, there are real people behind these blogs we see...but pls you people should help me beg her to atleast let me know what she looks like, even if na sideview photo, make she send!
my prince!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hey Sweeries!!

Pls permit me to be away just a bit longer....it wont be too long I promise. I have so much to blog about but its all tied to something I'm not yet ready to talk about....my absence from blogville has nothing to do with work as i've been off work for 3weeks now. Currently jollying in the UK with reckless abandon and chopping like oyibo (*silly grin*). Will be back soon to do as we used to!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Is Masturbation a Sin or Not??

A few weeks back, My friend Mma and I were discussing the masturbation issue and even though I didn't have any scriptural back up, I was of the opinion that its something wrong. My reason was the simple fact that people who masturbate admit to feeling guilty after the act, besides masturbation is a product of lust which is clearly wrong before God. Just this morning, Mma brought my attention to something interesting, a man of God said Mastubation is not wrong before God as it is something done with your body...hmmm so what about fornication? Isnt it also done with your body? did God not condemn it? Anyways after some extensive research, Mma sent me a mail with the write up below:

"Everything is permissible for me"—but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible for me"—but I will not be mastered by anything. (1 Corinthians 6:12, NIV) i learnt a lot by researching this topic and this verse especially as pertaining to our last topic masturbation. truth is that sin starts in the mind. that act itself is nothing but a culmination of a complex thoughts that began in ur soul. so the question is when u engage in the act, can u honestly say that thoughts leading up to the act were altogether pure?

Well of course we will never know other than what the person tells us. but God knows all things, that's why GOD is the only righteous judge. this act is one thing that some of us have engaged in the past and may still be engaged in , and i know from experience that more often that not its our way of living out fantasies that we cherish in our minds. and that the thoughts leading up to it are hardly pure and just
. Truth is i haven't seen anybody with a complex word of God in his mind who engages in it and comes out not feeling somewhat guilty of some perversion or the other. its proof that the word complex in ur heart abhors the act, ur conscience does the same. and if that is true, then its wrong. Conscience helps u make distinctions if u gave the right to, it trains ur appetites and desires, but if in the past u listened to it less and less, then it will speak to u less and less until it becomes redundant with regard to keeping u in check and within bounds"

Pls if you are a Muslim or of any other religion (with belief in God as supreme). I'd love to know what your take is on this.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GboGbo Big Weddings!!!

I have learnt in life that somethings come first, somethings are important but other things are even more important.

I see a lot of young people getting married these days and I'm quick to advise " plan within your means o, you would never have the best or worst wedding"...some listen, others dont. Priorities are soooo misplaced especially in this our Eko Lasgidi! You see couples buying rings of 250 - 300k before wedding and yet they have no accommodation!Cake stand will reach heaven as if cake dey finish for the world the next day, food sef go brekete so tey guests are asked to go home and bring food warmers and plastic bowls! weddings are now fanfares and carnivals...Months after, couple still dey try recover from debt! and all the people wey chop belleful, clean mouth have moved on with their lives and are getting set for the next big wedding. Your own is no longer news!
Personally, I had a very small and unique wedding for two reasons:
1. I wanted a kind of reception where I could mingle with every single one of my guests

So my hubby and I looked at our finances and brought out the amount we could spare and every single thing we did was within that budget and we had change to survive afterwards. Interestingly, a week before my traditional wedding, my dad visited and asked to know where my hubby lived. I told him he shared a place with his friend who had just gotten married and was going to leave the apartment for us, but on another thought we decided to move too and were still in the process of getting a place. I asked my dad why he wanted to know and he said something very interesting " Baby look, I dont care if this young man weds you with a wooden or knitted ring, I dont care what kind of suit he wears on your wedding day but I do care that you both have where to lay your heads after the wedding. Food and shelter are very basic and I need to know that you have those in place before I leave".  When he was done speaking, I remembered my mum, cos she would have said exactly the same thing. Today, I'm the kind of woman who would rather wear a 2,500 top and 5k shoes and have 500k in my account for the rainy day than wear 30k shoes and have 100k in my account. Let me carry aba made bag but pls give me the best healthcare and I'll pay for it!... Go on and yab me, its allowed!!!

I'm NOT at all against big weddings if you can afford it, but why go out of your way to do something that will have an adverse effect on you just to please some non relevant person??
My question to the gbo gbo big 'wedders' is : "Who exactly are you trying to impress? how do they contribute to your well-being? are you even sure they notice the money and efforts you put in trying to impress them?"

Indeed wisdom is profitable to direct!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Errrr... Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! (*hides*)..... I've missed blogging o! anyways lest not even go there.... So how did you spend your holidays? I had a great time! Unfortunately I didnt take photos.

Ok so I'll be back fully next week with some very hot hot topics that have been on my mind...I look forward to reading your thoughts after the posts.

Have a lovely weekend!

*special toast to my blog bestie Honeydame, Myne, and  Sisi Yemmie (shakara woman)* You three motivated me the most on blogville last year...a host of others did but you came tops! kudos!