Friday, February 24, 2012

Is Masturbation a Sin or Not??

A few weeks back, My friend Mma and I were discussing the masturbation issue and even though I didn't have any scriptural back up, I was of the opinion that its something wrong. My reason was the simple fact that people who masturbate admit to feeling guilty after the act, besides masturbation is a product of lust which is clearly wrong before God. Just this morning, Mma brought my attention to something interesting, a man of God said Mastubation is not wrong before God as it is something done with your body...hmmm so what about fornication? Isnt it also done with your body? did God not condemn it? Anyways after some extensive research, Mma sent me a mail with the write up below:

"Everything is permissible for me"—but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible for me"—but I will not be mastered by anything. (1 Corinthians 6:12, NIV) i learnt a lot by researching this topic and this verse especially as pertaining to our last topic masturbation. truth is that sin starts in the mind. that act itself is nothing but a culmination of a complex thoughts that began in ur soul. so the question is when u engage in the act, can u honestly say that thoughts leading up to the act were altogether pure?

Well of course we will never know other than what the person tells us. but God knows all things, that's why GOD is the only righteous judge. this act is one thing that some of us have engaged in the past and may still be engaged in , and i know from experience that more often that not its our way of living out fantasies that we cherish in our minds. and that the thoughts leading up to it are hardly pure and just
. Truth is i haven't seen anybody with a complex word of God in his mind who engages in it and comes out not feeling somewhat guilty of some perversion or the other. its proof that the word complex in ur heart abhors the act, ur conscience does the same. and if that is true, then its wrong. Conscience helps u make distinctions if u gave the right to, it trains ur appetites and desires, but if in the past u listened to it less and less, then it will speak to u less and less until it becomes redundant with regard to keeping u in check and within bounds"

Pls if you are a Muslim or of any other religion (with belief in God as supreme). I'd love to know what your take is on this.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GboGbo Big Weddings!!!

I have learnt in life that somethings come first, somethings are important but other things are even more important.

I see a lot of young people getting married these days and I'm quick to advise " plan within your means o, you would never have the best or worst wedding"...some listen, others dont. Priorities are soooo misplaced especially in this our Eko Lasgidi! You see couples buying rings of 250 - 300k before wedding and yet they have no accommodation!Cake stand will reach heaven as if cake dey finish for the world the next day, food sef go brekete so tey guests are asked to go home and bring food warmers and plastic bowls! weddings are now fanfares and carnivals...Months after, couple still dey try recover from debt! and all the people wey chop belleful, clean mouth have moved on with their lives and are getting set for the next big wedding. Your own is no longer news!
Personally, I had a very small and unique wedding for two reasons:
1. I wanted a kind of reception where I could mingle with every single one of my guests

So my hubby and I looked at our finances and brought out the amount we could spare and every single thing we did was within that budget and we had change to survive afterwards. Interestingly, a week before my traditional wedding, my dad visited and asked to know where my hubby lived. I told him he shared a place with his friend who had just gotten married and was going to leave the apartment for us, but on another thought we decided to move too and were still in the process of getting a place. I asked my dad why he wanted to know and he said something very interesting " Baby look, I dont care if this young man weds you with a wooden or knitted ring, I dont care what kind of suit he wears on your wedding day but I do care that you both have where to lay your heads after the wedding. Food and shelter are very basic and I need to know that you have those in place before I leave".  When he was done speaking, I remembered my mum, cos she would have said exactly the same thing. Today, I'm the kind of woman who would rather wear a 2,500 top and 5k shoes and have 500k in my account for the rainy day than wear 30k shoes and have 100k in my account. Let me carry aba made bag but pls give me the best healthcare and I'll pay for it!... Go on and yab me, its allowed!!!

I'm NOT at all against big weddings if you can afford it, but why go out of your way to do something that will have an adverse effect on you just to please some non relevant person??
My question to the gbo gbo big 'wedders' is : "Who exactly are you trying to impress? how do they contribute to your well-being? are you even sure they notice the money and efforts you put in trying to impress them?"

Indeed wisdom is profitable to direct!