Monday, May 14, 2012's why!

So I've been away for a very good reason! :)  I have plentttttyyyyy gist to give but I'll just summarize the bit I can for now.

Baby came on April 29, 2012 (somebody say halleluyah!) much drama around his birth. I was told in Lagos that I was having a girl so when I got to the UK I shopped all pinkies for my "girl".. a week or so to my due date I was to have a scan and the night before my hubby called to ask me how sure the sonographer back in Lagos was about baby's sex, i told him the guy sounded very sure. On the morning of the scan, just as I was about to step into the cab I got a call from my aunt and she said she had a funny dream that I had a boy, I laughed it off. Got to the hospital and scan saw male organs! baby came and na boy! so my boy is forced to wear pink clothes.....I'll tell the labour story in another post, check back on wednesday. Meanwhile my blog bestie Honeydame has been a bestie indeeed not just words!!! she has continued to call and check up on you see, there are real people behind these blogs we see...but pls you people should help me beg her to atleast let me know what she looks like, even if na sideview photo, make she send!
my prince!