Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oyibo gbaa oku! (burn!)

Nigeria is one country i'm struggling to really hate, I want to hate this country but somehow the crush wont die....

Oyibo? Britico? Ndi ocha England? I dislike them! I definitely have a thing or two to learn from them and Nigeria wont turn out bad if we sat under their tutorial bench for a while BUT  i no like them and here's why:

Before now, I felt Britsh were too uptight albeit very efficient and straight forward people,I still feel so but I didnt know how badly insensitive and inhumane they were, and this is in addition to their paganism. How can someone fall down right in your eyes and to say common "sorry" go hard you? I even heard they sometimes say 'shame on you' when person fall, Wo! God help the damburuba that would have said that to me, azin me and you go tear brazie for bus stop.

Walahi I saw a lot of nonsense in the last 3months I spent in the UK. These people are total bonkom! itibonkom! komkom. Let me talk about this particular day. I went to Primark (the store after my heart!, yes I said it, fry!) I had walked in pushing my baby in his buggy and feeling very ok with myself as I headed straight for the "was 5pounds now 2pounds" section. Soon as I started picking out my fabies, my son reacted. One after the other he opened his eyes and next thing he was crying out so loud uncontrollably and I had to quickly rush towards the fitting room to try to sort him out. On getting there the qwi (que) was so long and I dumped the clothes on the floor, went down on my knees and started feeding him right there! When I looked up I saw a group of indians standing around me offering to help with whatever they could. What did these smell smell oyibos do? stand and stare at me! The kindest among them would just smile and walk past, mothers oo!  That was episode one. Episode 2: Here is a young mother struggling to get her buggy into the bus which had started moving slowly, rather than get up and assist me they all sit there giggling like something is tickling them under their skirts! Fastforward to episode 990 or so: my hubby and I hired a cab to take us to a hotel and the foolish man would not help put our things in the car! mba! we paid him to drive us not to pack our ngwongwo....Or have you tried shopping and the total came to 5.99 and all you had was 5.98? nobody dey leave 1pence for you o! Lagos conductors are much kinder! Anyways I don tire to type biko,time is money.

N/B: pls 'fee' free to judge me by the typos you see here and put urself on a very long thing!


  1. Heee! she's back with a bang, loving the new url! excited much

  2. hahahahahahaha, at nonye, firstly i love ur pix and the Red lips, hmmmmm the vacation good oh, and again to add to it, life there is on your own, so i can imagine the whole scene, lol

  3. and welcome back again dear...

  4. yels ohhh, the rantings abi na ventings of a blunt sister. You can scribble it again and again my love. Moreso, i can't agree with you more on your confessions about Naija cause no matter how hard i even contemplate trying...I can never locate an iota of hatred for my Motherland. Excellent piece as always

  5. Episode 2: That wasn't nice. What if something bad had happened to you and the baby? And they were giggling?

    How is baby doing now?

  6. yeye oyibo people!!!! mcheeeew

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