Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally the video...HONEYWELL NOODLES COMMERCIAL:BAM BAM LALA....written by yours truly :)

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Should The Exes Stick Around?

I hear people say an ex should remain an ex to avoid the risk of old flames being re-kindled, I quite agree but there is a BUT. My older sister believes that once her relationship with a guy is over, that is it! Its as good as she never met him. Not that they are enemies but there is no ground for any form of fraternity whatsoever. I say it has worked very well for her but it has not been the case for me. 
I happen to be friends with almost all my exes and I've been able to draw the lines especially being married. For instance I can't just pick up the phone and call an ex to gist except there is really something that needs to be discussed, and it must very important. I've had two exes who I helped make relationship decisions and one of them ended up marrying the lady...The exes I don't talk to are either too weak emotionally to handle being my friends or I clearly see them as mistakes I should never have made...(no pun intended).

Now to the interesting part, can you be friends with your spouse's ex? Again I say it is possible BUT..... ok here: I happen to be friends with two of my hubby's exes who are both married, one had been my friend before she dated my husband (I'm sure you already know the story), and the second one, I have not met but we talk. I think my relationship with this second person is based on how much my husband respects her and what I've found out for myself, he actually helped her design her wedding invites and she supported us during our wedding as well.  I equally have an ex my hubby wants to meet at all cost, he says from the way I've talked about him, he'd so love to meet him...the guy in question is a very hilarious character and our break up was even more hilarious (story for another day), we should have just been friends and friends alone from the beginning. I remember him helping me do a background check on a guy I was planning to date in school, and actually came back to tell me the guy was clean. On a very sincere note though, I have never sat down with any of my husband's exes with him present, if that ever happens, I'm not sure how I'd feel...awkward? indifferent? not sure at all.

So tell me, can you be friends with his ex?

Happy loooong weekend 9jairians!